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Pokemon CEO Says Developing For Switch Was ‘More Difficult Than We Expected’

The Pokemon Company released their first major Nintendo Switch title in November 2018 in the form of Pokemon: Let’s GO, Pikachu and Eevee! Pokemon Company President and CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara told Japanese publication Dime that developing their first major Pokemon game for the platform was “more difficult than what we expected” as the development team was used to developing for the less powerful Nintendo 3DS system.

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24 thoughts on “Pokemon CEO Says Developing For Switch Was ‘More Difficult Than We Expected’”

    1. From the way they say it it’s seems like Pokemon gen 8 won’t be that much of a difference compare to let’s go but I do hope they’re hiring new people

    2. Nah. If they can reap your money two times why do you think they will do it one? They have just enlarged their stuff. More games for us, more families with a meal on their table, and children happier. Let’s Go is a very good companion for the next (Moon?) game on schedule.

  1. Maybe if GameFreak didn’t pass off the work of making all those spin-offs for home consoles to others then they’d have some kind of experience with working with the current home consoles. I hope they delay the mainline Pokemon Versions of Gen 8 if they need more time to make the game great instead of releasing it on time with the Let’s GO spin-offs gameplay mechanics because they make it easier to hit that deadline. Or is the whole “A delayed game has the potential to be great while a rushed game is bad forever?” just a dumb saying these days spoken by a man past his prime?

  2. They could just use Unreal Engine 4 or something and can focus on game development. But I think what they mean is they have no fucking clue how to make a game that isn’t dumbed down to walking up, down, left or right. They should let Monolith Soft make the game instead.

    1. They really should have been practicing making games that weren’t relegated to moving in just 4 directions when they were working on X/Y, Sun/Moon, & Ultra Sun/Moon for when the day came they were expected to make games on home consoles where people expect more than just 4 directions for movement. So yeah; you could end up being right.

  3. Who developed Pokemon Colosseum then? Wasnt it Gsmefreak? Only fault in that is you couldn’t catch wild pokemon but it was the most difficult pokemon game I ever played.

  4. Who developed Pokemon Colosseum then? Wasnt it Gamefreak? That wasnt four directions. Frankly what I really want is looking like Breathe of the Wild type of event and rebattling opponents. Online.

  5. Seriously? Game freak step it up, its 2019. HD is a thing now, you weren’t gonna be stuck with SD or low tech forever. Itll take a learning curve. And be new however that’s the type of industry that you’re in. It shouldnt have come to a surprise.

  6. Indie devs – it’s really easy.
    Game Freak – too hard…
    The problem here is that GF are really bad on a technical level. Even the 3ds games not only look bad, but lag and almost don’t use 3d…

    1. Why change what sells? People like Pokemon games designed like this, a ‘Breath of the Wild game’ could discourage children; mine were overrun by it and didn’t play, instead they watched me play and cared for the story and the adventure.

  7. Difficult or not you did a great job, you can be proud about the outcome (quality of the game, enlarged staff and financial results). I’m often stingy with compliments, but Let’s Go surpassed my prevision, it’s actually better than what I thought.

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