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Dataminers Have Discovered That Nintendo Has Removed All The SNES Game Strings In The New NES Switch Online Update

Today, Nintendo released a new update for the NES Switch Online that added 4 new games, including 2 special versions of NES games that have already released. Dataminers have been looking in the files for any changes, and they have discovered that all the SNES game strings have been removed. It is unknown why this was done, but some are speculating that Nintendo is preparing a separate SNES app for the games, or they just simply backed off with adding the games for now. If SNES games on Switch Online are a thing, then we might hear something in today’s Nintendo Direct. In the meantime, some tweets relaying the news can be seen down below.


    1. IKR This was a shock. My guts tell me that a new app will be out for visual presentation and/or prevention of forced download of undesirable NES games. Besides, it’s kinda weird for a NES app to contain SNES data.

  1. I bet there’ll be a separate app for it.
    Maybe it’ll start auto downloading to your switch as the directs happening.

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