Today’s Paladins Update Brings Cross-Play & Cross-Progression

The promised Paladins update is finally here and it brings with it two much requested features. Those are cross-play between Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, and also cross-progression if you play between consoles. There is much more included in the latest patch and you can read all about the changes on the official Paladins site.

  • Players from PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be part of the same matchmaking pool in Quickplay
  • Players may opt-out of cross-play, however, you will find higher quality matches more quickly with cross-play matchmaking enabled
  • Ranked will match-make players based upon their input method
  • You can set your input method and preferences in Settings
  • Players will now have a fully functionally cross-platform friends list
  • We are technically ready to support cross-play on other platforms as the opportunity arises
  • PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players will be able to progress their linked account and keep their owned items across all platforms
  • We are technically ready to support cross-progression on other platforms as the opportunity arises


  1. Cross-progression is super important! Would made it a super easy choice to buy games you already own on PC/Consoles for Switch as well. It wouldn’t just be a handheld version, it would be a extended version of what you’re already playing.

  2. Sounds good, but I have more progression on PC, but I bought the pack for all heroes on Switch and have some progress there too.
    So can I infuse these accounts and how it would decide what data to keep and what overwrite.

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