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First Impressions: Our Hands-on With Three Stages Of Yoshi’s Crafted World For Nintendo Switch

Search for ‘craft’, ‘craft ideas’ or ‘craft sayings’ on Pinterest and you’ll easily fall down a hand-woven rabbit hole, complete with spools of colour in every hue adorning the walls. There’s a joke among those who like to craft; they typically buy more than they ever use. But they’re the type of people who have everything. Need a used soup carton to make a fake rocket, or chicken wire to create a paper mache Hedwig for World Book Day? You can bet your sewing needle and thread that they have it in their stockpile. There’s a saying (thanks Pinterest) that goes, ‘In Crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations’. In Yoshi’s Crafted World, that certainly rings true.

Since it was first unveiled at E3 in 2017, Yoshi’s Crafted World has hit a few development bumps. Originally scheduled for a Nintendo Switch release in 2018, it was pulled from their games line-up and placed into the company’s Spring 2019 slot, with NOA’s Bill Trinen saying that while the game was making good progress, the developers (Good-Feel) wanted to make improvements. Earlier this month, we got our first look into Yoshi’s Crafted World; and it’s shaping up quite nicely.

In our exclusive hands-on session, three levels were available to play and explore. First up was Rail-Yard Run, a tutorial level that’s featured in the Nintendo eShop demo, and is available to download now. As far as introductions go, Rail-Yard Run is a delightful level to ease players into the side-scrolling world of corrugated cardboard, milk cartons and trees held up by wooden pegs. Walk across cardboard bridges and flutter jump over plastic cups to reach collectible red coins, throw eggs (either in the patient or hasty style) at fake Shy Guys in windows to destroy houses and create new paths, and gaze longingly at paper butterflies held by Shy Guys in the distance. You’ll even spot hand-drawn cardboard cows in the background that can be hit via an egg toss for extra gold coins. It’s this attention to detail that makes Yoshi’s Crafted World so interesting to play.

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Next, we tried our hands at Poochy’s Tape Trail. In this origami-inspired level, you’ll find leaf vines created from paper ribbon curls, a huge cardboard toad sat in a pond full of paper lily pads, and enemies that roll out pink paper carpets for your arrival. Not only does it look realistic, it’s also aesthetically beautiful too. There’s also references to previous Nintendo games here, with checkpoints presented as upside down super bells from Super Mario 3D World, and rolled up paper trails that can be hit with eggs to unravel paths to new places, as seen in Splatoon. Sometimes it’s fun to just sit and watch Shy Guys roaming around, calmly working on their cardboard cut-out houses, poking their heads out of windows, or delivering coins from above. The tranquility lasts until Poochy appears, at least, and is often seen barrelling into enemies head-first at great speeds like our very own bullet bill.

Since his first appearance in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Poochy has become an adorable asset to the mainline games, enabling players to reach places – such as hidden Smiley Flowers and sky-high platforms – which are inaccessible to Yoshi. Poochy’s tireless energy is back in Crafted World and comes to the fore in Poochy’s Tape Trail. Appearing roughly halfway through the level, you can hop onto the back of Poochy to knock enemies senseless, or get to places you couldn’t quite reach before. Poochy will even dig into clay to reveal a Smiley Flower. Now, there’s a good boy.

After completing Tape Trail, I had the opportunity to explore its flip side. Here, you’ll be able to explore behind the scenes and capture three Poochy Pups. If you reach the goal within the specified time limit, you’ll also score an additional Smiley Flower on top of the three you gain automatically by collecting the pups. With most stages available in flip side, it’s interesting to see how Good-Feel have purposefully built levels to obscure the player’s vision on the front. If you’ve failed to find all the Smiley Flowers, for example, running through the levels’ flip side will often help you spot secrets, so you’ll know when you’ve missed a collectible. Pups are also hidden in both the foreground and background too. You’ll hear their cute little woofs first, then you’ll easily spot them mesmerised by a paper butterfly, chasing after Shy Guys behind the hedges, or hiding on top of a milk carton. Throw an egg to retrieve the pup and race through to the end of the level, avoiding the enemies as best as you can.

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In Yoshi’s Crafted World, every level can be played in drop-in/out co-operative mode. You’ll play with one joy-con each and can choose your individual difficulty level (Mellow or Classic) too. Ideal for younger players or for couch co-op play with friends, each Yoshi can hop onto the back of the other to hitch a free ride in particularly tricky sections, as well as gobble each other to throw at enemies in the foreground, should they run out of eggs. Deceptive Doors is one level that showcases co-op play in its best light. Work together to switch doors, climb on roofs to uncover secrets and bounce together to reach new places. With so many tight spaces in Deceptive Doors, the trick is to ensure you can both help each other progress through the level.

As is the case with many Nintendo platform titles, Yoshi and Kirby included, finding hidden collectibles are often the most rewarding parts. Between discovering Smiley Flowers in hidden question mark clouds to hunting down those special red coins behind regular coins, Crafted World delivers these collectibles in spades. Complete each level with a full heart gauge, by collecting all 20 red coins, getting over 100 regular coins, and finding all the Smiley Flowers to unlock up to four additional Smiley Flowers to your catalogue.

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It’s not just finding the collectibles that makes this so satisfying either, it’s where they are positioned in the level. Over by the hedge in Rail-Yard Run, there’s a Shy Guy that’s playing peek-a-boo and deceptively hiding a red coin, or there’s a hidden cloud hiding six red coins right next to sleeping-on-the-job Shy Guys. In Poochy’s Tape Trail and Deceptive Doors, you’ll find blue timer clouds which require you to find and target the mischievous Shy Guys, or hit the floating clouds within the time limit in exchange for a Smiley Flower. Target practice has never felt so good.

From what I’ve played so far, Yoshi’s Crafted World will focus less on challenging platform play and more on shifting the player’s perspective to think outside the box; discovering secrets between the ingeniously built foreground, background and flip side. When you’re genuinely giggling to yourself over a Shy Guy playing peek-a-boo, you know you’re one of two things; going crackers, or you’re so far beyond crackers your breeding Yoshi plushies in your room (for you, not for your children). I guess I’m the latter. Still as cute and cuddly as ever, we’ll patiently wait for Yoshi’s Crafted World and try not to crack any eggs in the meantime.

A special hands-on session of Yoshi’s Crafted World was hosted by Nintendo UK for My Nintendo News. This is a preview of the upcoming game only.  A demo of the game is also available to download now on the Nintendo eShop. Yoshi’s Crafted World will be available on March 29th on Nintendo Switch. 

40 thoughts on “First Impressions: Our Hands-on With Three Stages Of Yoshi’s Crafted World For Nintendo Switch”

  1. This games looking promising.
    Even if the difficulty isn’t quite going to be up there it’s gona be a delight to play through.
    I’ve always looked forward to it, but since playing the demo I’m really looking forward to it now.

  2. It’s pretty awesome for me. I almost mistook Baby Bowser for Bowser Jr. I’m getting that feeling where the infinity stones are safeguarded by Yoshi from being stolen by Kamek and Baby Bowser. Interesting.

  3. Its obvious that the developers made this game immediately after Wooly World Debuted. And to think if all Nintend developers worked like this Pikmin, Pokemon. ANIMAL crossing. Metroid would he coming out like this Yoshi game.

    So let’s see because they worked on this sequel immediately it closes the gap from the 1st Yoshi game to the sequal by 4 years. Yet because they didnt immediately work on Pikmin 4 after pikmin 3 debuted it closes the gap

  4. So let’s see if Miyomoto had not lied about Pikmin 4 back in August 2015 that the game was nearly done we be on Pikmin 5 now.

    So let’s do some calculating. Pikmin 3 debuted in 2013. It is now 2019 still no Pikmin. So obviously they dodnt work on the game immediately.

    Yoshi wooly world debuted in 2015 and its sequal will debuted in 2019. That’s a 4 year difference.

    Bayonetta 2 debuted in 2014. Obviously they worked on Bayonetta 3 immediately because it comes out this year 2019 also.

    SNMBU debuted in 2012. It is 2019 and they are just bringing in a port 7 years ago. That’s lazy.

    Donkey Kong returns came out in 2010. Donkey Kong tropical freeze launched in 2014. 4 year difference.. it is now 2019. No all New Donkey Kong. Obviously they dodnt work on a sequal to tropical Freeze immediately. Lazy.

  5. Luigi ‘s mansion debuted in 2001. It took 12 years to make a sequel or they just didnt make the game immediately. Pathetic. At least they closed the gap from LM2 to LM3 by 6 years. What do Nintendo developers be doing these 6 to 7 years after a game debuted?

    But props for Yoshi developers making Yoshi games immediately. Maybe Miyomoto needs to learn how to make games immediately too. Since he lied about Pikmin 4 being nearly done 4 years ago.

        1. True I was expecting Pikmin in the first year of the Switch life. Strange, guess they are holding back as filler for later on. Maybe next year when animal crossing is already out and Fire emblem

      1. Nintendo fans always making excuse for Nintendo.

        I find it fascinating how Nintendo wants to be Sony. A Sony console can sell itself without Sony developers making games right away.
        A Nintendo console for some odd reason makes their latest console barely more powerful than previous generation consoles and dont make games immediately. Yet want to raise the bar to predicting to sell 44 million Switch consoles.

        1. I’m not making excuses, I think that their behavior is kind of inexcusable sometimes and what you said were valid points, just thought you could have fit all it into one paragraph instead of taking up the entire comments section.

  6. Not sure if I like Nintendo start developing on Unreal engine.

    Sure it looks great, but doesn’t has this Nintendo vibe, feels and looks like it could be released on Steam
    and maybe that’s the plan all along ?

    Will Nintendo going software only in the future ?
    A good question for the philosophers.

    Why did I pay for joy cons with the system and not for more performance if none of the games use it ?
    Guess I paid for kids Carboard gimmicks I never use.

    Anyways, Zelda Link’s awakening is also developed on Unreal engine.
    Why do we even need to pay for weak hardware if it’s Unreal engine games in the future ?

    Yoshi looks great, but also feels like a quick developed game for quick cash grab.

    Same how Square enix did Octopath traveler. Instead of serious deep, long RPG, you get this Unreal hobby build
    made game that almost can be done by INDIE since it’s only matter of filling up the Unreal engine with content and tweak
    the parameters.

    Many great questions from ME that will be unanswered because everyone here has a bias against me.


      1. It’s bait so now I know who worries and check out likes, seems like you felt for it.

        Not really smart aren’t we ?

        I think you are jealous and afraid of me.

        Nobody ever replies to your questions, that’s what I call sad. 😘

        1. I was just teasing you. Stop taking everything so seriously and exploding on such short notice. And speaking of not being smart, I’m not the guy who pretended to be stupid the first few weeks he was here. (Yes, I know I just contradicted my own sentence lol) Please stop bugging me and I’ll stop bugging you.

    1. Nintendo would be nothing if they went software only. If you software only, you need to make games immediately and debut them ASAP not every 8 to 12 years. Why you think Sega makes Sonic games immediately. Wii U received 2 sonic games. Yet Wii U got only one Zelda and Mario game and 1 pikmin game.

  7. I enjoyed Wooly World and this one seems better and I like how you can control where you shoot the eggs with more freedom. I wish there were more ways to customize the controls though as the current setups are awkward for me but as with the other Yoshi games, I’ll get used to it.. 😋. Nice preview though! Wish there was more platforming elements but alas it’s just 3 stages. Plenty more chances in other stages for that I guess (hope) Looking forward to it regardless !

  8. I mean… it’s Yoshi, it’s a platformer and it’s a short demo… and you still managed to write this much? Mad skills, C. There’s a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation for this game here in this article. Can’t wait to see it unfold upon the full review!
    Best thing about this game so far: no framerate drops!

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