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Brad Sams Reveals How xCloud And Xbox Game Pass Should Work On Switch And Time-Frame

Thurrot writer Brad Sams has revealed some more details on YouTube about Microsoft’s overall plans for Xbox Games Pass as well as the company’s current plans for the service on the Nintendo Switch. Microsoft wants Xbox Games Pass on devices that can support it including smart TVs and the Nintendo Switch. xCloud won’t be available in public preview until the second half of 2019 and he says Xbox Games Pass is looking like it will launch on the Nintendo Switch in early 2020.

Any device that has WiFi or an internet connection can connect to xCloud. xCloud isn’t going to launch in public preview until the second half of 2019. Game Pass games that aren’t available on Switch will use streaming technology via xCloud to work. The earliest time possible for Switch to get Game Pass would be early 2020.

12 thoughts on “Brad Sams Reveals How xCloud And Xbox Game Pass Should Work On Switch And Time-Frame”

  1. If all of this stuff turns out to be true, Microsoft & Nintendo need to get ahead of it & just release a video of it now. Otherwise, it won’t be much of a surprise if they announce it at E3 2019 & is just gonna underwhelm people that believe these rumors to be true.

  2. It would be an upset for Xbox fans or cause them to demand an Xbox capable of running Switch games if this indeed happens. If gamepass gets to have some Nintendo IPs, all the buttons will have to be remapped and then, Switch games streamed so that the Xbox Jaguar cores can run them. They can also incorporate an xCloud feature.

    The collaboration of Nintendo and Microsoft is really interesting.

    1. Hm, they didn’t demand every PC game to run on the Xbox so I’m not sure about that part of it.
      But a collaboration like this would be really interesting to keep tabs on for sure~

    2. not really, most people on the XBO playform only really care are XBOX exclusives or have a Nintendo condole as a 2nd platform. so it just gived us an incentive to pick up a switch.

      whats better than playing Ori? playing Ori on the go.

    3. Even if people “demand” that switch games be playable on an xbox, doesn’t mean it’ll happen. This would be a smart business move on microsoft’s part, and a bonus for nintendo. Microsoft, if this is true, is seeing that providing services and games that make those services worth while is more profitable than selling hardware on top of that at a loss. Sure, there’ll probably be more xboxes, but the services will likely be their main focus, and the switch is a perfect platform to support with said service.

      1. That’s good. Many people from the 64 era have been wanting to play the Banjo games (especially the first two games) on the Nintendo Switch.

  3. I guess this is Microsoft’s approach to turn the Xbox into the Windows for Games… To make it the Game Console’s main OS.

    That said… I don’t see this happening on PlayStation. They have their own streaming service and all.

    I’d like to know if this connects with the rumors that Microsoft will exit the game console business and focus on streaming

  4. So you’re telling me… that Halo… will be on Nintendo hardware? Gears of War on Nintendo hardware? Banjo Kazooie back on Nintendo hardware?

    What the fuck is going on… if you told this to someone back in 2005 or something they’d laugh in your face

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