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Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes DLC Vol. 1: Black Dandelion Coming 28th February

Nintendo of America has sent out a tweet this evening stating that the first downloadable content pack for the Nintendo Switch exclusive Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes will be launching on the 28th of February. The downloadable content pack will include the following:

  • Shinobu as a playable character
  • Two skills specific to Shinobu
  • “Badman Strikes Back” text adventure

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    1. Honestly, it’s only fun the first few minutes – it’s very repetitive, it has no voice acting, uses nearly ( IMO ) all of it’s charm in the trailer. However the music is a banger – and you can buy Indie Shirts for in game coins and money ( you can wear a shirt with the dead cells or hollow knight logo ).
      Bought the game and DLC though so we maybe have a chance for No More Heroes 3 since a new game would depend on how well this game sells.

      1. I haven’t played Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes yet but I’ve read and heard so much about it. Like you, others also said that it will prepare fans of the series for No More Heroes 3.

        And yeah, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it looks great to me. I’m glad that its first DLC will be coming out. I just have to finish my backlog.

    2. Honestly it’s very strange lol I have it and haven’t played past the first world because I was put off by the music and style. I’ve never played a no more heroes game before this though so maybe I’m just not used to it, very niche game. The actual gameplay is standard, combat is like any hack and slash. I’ll probably get back into it someday but I probly should not have paid full price for it.

    3. It was kind of fun. Although, it can get tedious at times. Especially in the final level where it feels like you’re just fighting endless hoards of enemies. A few levels also tend to over stay their welcome a bit.

      It still has the charm of the No More Heroes games with the 4th wall breaks and funny dialogue. Not to mention, the music and boss fights are also really great too.

      Overall I’d say it’s more for Suda 51 fans, especially with all the references to his past games. But if you can find someone else to play with you, I hear it’s more enjoyable in co-op.

      1. I’d say you have been to closest to my experience with the game. It’s not a bad game but definitely far from great. The combat is fun but does get repetitive and I did appreciate the changing gameplay styles in each level even if they were a bit shallow. I’d say it’s worth playing but maybe only in a sale.

  1. Is there any way to browse through the archive of this site? I would like to see older posts from previous years, back when this site was cool. Now it is just a shell of its former self.
    All the cool people and even funny trolls have already moved on.

    1. I don’t think you could. At least I don’t how lol
      As for the other thing, blame sickr for that. He was the one who started to ban people and delete comments. I remember it was a time when you even needed to log in though wordpress to post something.
      He even “fired” other editors such as TK.
      But yeah, I´ve been here since 2009, and those were the good days and the golden age of this site.

    2. Funny thing is I always tought sickr was the one behind all those troll accounts to generate more clicks in this site. But who can forget aeolus, peteriuss, the original nintendo commander and not all those stupid and lame alts who tried to copy him, the guy who always said leave luck to heaven, iceazama, sasori obina, anubis, the ben sanders hahaha, damn, that guy was funny AF. The list goes and goes.

      1. Aeolus is legend… I used to login to Mynintendonews just to read the banter… Not really for the headlines.
        For what it worth, it’s been my steady flow of Nintendo news (along with Playeressence)… The comments section don’t matter as much as they used to

    3. Trolls were very annoying and the site is much better for those bans. This is one of the few sites where I can just get Nintendo news and not deal with the toxicity. There’s plenty other sites for that

      1. wich will prove my point. I don’t really care if he delete these comments or not, at the end of the day is his site and he can do whatever he wants with it. We are only saying why is not as funny as it used to be.

      2. Hey :) Ha, I’m not going to delete these comments.

        Yup, the trolls did make me laugh but then it started to get out of hand with racism, abuse, bullying and the icing on the cake was pornography also being posted. You can’t really say to yourself you are doing a decent job with the site when you are letting those things happen and people are emailing you every day complaining about it. So yes, some people had to be banned, some went elsewhere, but that’s what happens with sites. You get new people coming in old people leaving and the cycle continues :) Also things have changed as a lot of people these days don’t go directly to the site but come through from social media when they see an article of interest. Changing times :D

        Oh, and TK left (I won’t say his real name) because I was hit with a legal notice from another site (which I won’t name but is now defunct) because he had, without my knowledge, literally ripped off someones news article and I’m guessing he had probably done this before.. Obviously I had to let him go.

      3. Sickr is now MyNintendoNewsAdmin….

        Probably for corporate reasons… Which I can understand… But as a long time fan of this blog…


  2. I remember when nostalgia_w was making fun of Robin Williams’ death & posting videos of his supposed dead body (I never watched the video to see if it was fake or not so I don’t really know.) So yeah. Sickr did the right thing in banning & deleting certain people from the site.

    1. It’s 2 sided really… I used to love the banter about Xbots and all that… The comments were really funny…

      But if I remember anytime that made me not want to come back, it was when Iwata San died.

      The comments about wanting him to die sooner because of WiiU failure and all that… That was just dark.

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