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Video: Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trailer 2

Earlier today Warner Bros and the Pokemon Company unleashed the second trailer for the upcoming Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie which is set to arrive in cinemas worldwide on the 10th of May. Visually it is clear that the movie is set to wow Pokemon fans upon launch with plenty of guest appearances from other beloved Pokemon. Hopefully it will score well with the critics and fans, either way, it is bound to be a success for Warner Bros.



    1. And yet another hilarious trailer.

      Ryan Reynolds voice acting Pikachu is very unusual in a good funny way.

      It’s great!

      If this becomes a box-office hit, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      I am definitely not missing Pokemon Detective Pikachu.

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  1. I’ve always wanted a real life Eevee as a pet & that quick shot of a realistic looking Eevee just makes that want even stronger. Which is sad because that’s an impossible want! D:

    Oh & Mewtwo looked awesome!

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  2. This movie is looking really good so far. The Pokemon themselves look outstanding, Ryan Reynolds really adds charm to Pikachu’s voice, and it looks like it’s all shaping up to be a good time at the movies.

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