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Video: Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Trailer

On July 12th in Japan, Pokemon fans will be able to see Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. To promote the movie’s release, a brand new trailer has been released that gives fans a first glimpse at how the movie will look. The trailer was released on the official Pokemon YouTube, so we’ve included the video  for you down below.


      1. As far as what I’ve seen, I actually find both of them, POKEMON Detective Pikachu and Pokemon The Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, very enticing. This one though kinda gives me a Dragon Quest vibe. Probably because of how it got 3D graphics from 2D artwork. Mewtwo really looks awesome!

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  1. Pros:
    *This won’t be a retcon that erases Brock & Misty!
    *This takes place before Ash was ruined & became nothing more than an avatar for “Never give up even when you fall, fall again, & fall some more!”

    It looks like a shot for shot CGI remake of the original film.

    What’s up with Pokemon this week & trailers that barely show anything? Like the Pokemon Direct, it looks like the same old, same old only in HD/CGI.

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    1. Also, Gen 8 had shown gameplay and Pokemon at least unlike Sun & Moon which took many months until they shown the fucking first Starter Pokemon. Dude? Are you this dense when it comes to video games?


    1. Same in regards to Detective Pikachu, especially if this is just a shot for shot remake. I enjoy remakes but if it’s just a shot for shot one, I’ll just watch the original.

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      1. That’s the reason why you won’t watch this version? I mean? Yes, it’s a shot for shot remake of the original. But Doraemon also got away with that when they remake their older films as well and no one I know complains about it. So you give a pass to Doraemon films but this film you will skip? Okay then…


      1. They might include the clone girl story that was recently added to the lore of Mewtwo’s origins.


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