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Video: Nintendo Highlights Multiple Nintendo eShop Games Released In February 2019

A plethora of games were released throughout February 2019 on the Nintendo eShop for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Some titles that are now available for download include Steins;Gate Elite, Wargroove, Etrian Odyssey Nexus, Observer, Evoland Legendary Edition, The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, Final Fantasy IX and The King’s Bird. To see gameplay footage of these games and more, check out the embedded video below:


  1. It’s nice to see FF9 in the video. A game that aged like a fine wine. I’m glad that it has finally arrived for the 8th gen consoles.

    And anyone who had a blast with Advance Wars should definitely play Wargroove! A superb turn-based tactics video game, the vast content it has and the euphoria there is in its own right really adds.

    And I’m not forgetting about the super awesome top-down, 2D beat’em’up indie game “Ape Out”. The idea of a gorilla trying to get out just fascinates me.

    Great video!

  2. I love these videos! Showing off the great games we may have missed while playing other great games!

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