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Japan: Media Create Sales Data Published On A Wednesday Might No Longer Be Free

As you know, most of the sites you are familiar with publish the Media Create sales data when it comes in usually on a Wednesday afternoon UK time. However, video game sites might stop receiving it according Atsushi Hosokawa who is the head of the Media Create company. Mr. Hosokawa told Bloomberg that that he is “unsure if the practice will continue after a company policy review next month.” This would be a shame as it is always interesting to see how the various video game releases as well as hardware are performing in Japan.

Prediction for Nintendo Switch’s lifecycle:

The Switch is selling strongly across all demographics — from kids and teenagers to adults — a feat achieved only by Nintendo’s DS handheld device, its best-selling hardware product in history, Hosokawa said. That bodes well for long-term sales. We expect its life-cycle to be seven years,” he said, during an interview at Media Create’s office in Tokyo’s Jinbocho district.

Media Create sales data might no longer be free after a company policy review next month:

Media Create’s free weekly data dumps have also made it a popular source for gamers, retail investors and arm-chair analysts online. Hosokawa said that is his way of giving back to the game industry, though he’s unsure if the practice will continue after a company policy review next month.

“With our data, we’re trying to be the infrastructure for the whole industry,” he said, explaining plans to expand his data collection to China and Southeast Asia. “I’d like to think that’s why overseas investors trust us.”

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15 thoughts on “Japan: Media Create Sales Data Published On A Wednesday Might No Longer Be Free”

  1. Just when Switch is about pass PS4, what a nice coincidence.
    Though I don’t care, since sales numbers do not affect my enjoyment of a product, the least of all on different country.

  2. I’m pretty sure somewhere along the line without this there will still be figures out there rounded up for everyone to acknowledge.

    1. Of course there will be. Contrary to what the first two Nintendo “fanboys” think, Sony doesn’t have this overwhelming influence over the industry to hide sales figures. Nintendo has just as much influence over the industry as Sony to keep that from happening even if Sony was trying to do something so shady.

  3. The first two comments. xD You’re welcome to your opinion (even if it is biased), but if you think Sony has the power to do this, you’re an idiot. Nintendo isn’t some underdog when it comes to influence in the video game industry. Even if Sony was going to try & do something like this, you don’t think Nintendo doesn’t have the power to fight back and stop them? xD For being Nintendo fanboys right now, you two sure have no faith in Nintendo’s own influence on the industry. Can you really call yourselves Nintendo fans when you think Nintendo is some little bitch that would take that kind of bullshit lying down?

      1. Oh god. Are you one of these dumbasses that believe this conspiracy theory crap? lol If you want nothing but anti-Sony/pro-Nintendo sentiment, maybe YOU should go somewhere else. Not everyone here is a Nintendo fan. Some of us are Sony AND Nintendo fans.

        1. I have no issues with Sony. They make absolutely incredible games. You were just kind of going crazy and still are.

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