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A Cuphead Developer Says That Microsoft Approached Them And Asked If They’d Like To Make A Switch Version

Yesterday’s announcement of a Nintendo Switch version of Cuphead was quite a bombshell, and we’ve been gradually hearing more details on how this project came to be. Daniel Bloodworth of Easy Allies has been a GDC, where he talked to one of the devs behind the game. Bloodworth found out that “Microsoft actually approached them and asked if they’d like to make a Switch version”. The tweet is down below.

8 thoughts on “A Cuphead Developer Says That Microsoft Approached Them And Asked If They’d Like To Make A Switch Version”

  1. I know that this couldn’t be more off topic, but I couldn’t find anything online about it. My n3dsxl seemed to have the black screen of death, and I thought it was all over, but when I restarted it without the sd card in it, it worked fine? While I was navigating the home menu, I put it in again, and my 3ds froze again! But when I took it out, everything resumed like it was fine! I’m so confused (and a little panicked) and wondering if anyone has had this issue before?

    1. Seems fairly straightforward to me. Would assume something is wrong with the SD card or the data on it?
      Try loading the card onto your computer, see what it says. Maybe back up the data on the card if you can access it.
      Also try inserting a different SD card you know is fine into your 3DS

      1. I would assume that something was wrong with the sd card itself, because when I tried loading it on my computer it crashed it. Also tryed using chdisk but it couldn’t find it, neither could a hard format. At this point I’m guessing I may just have to wipe the slate clean and restart all of my data, but it’s a bit of a bummer cause I’ve sunken hundreds of hours into games like acnl and mh4u. In the future I’m going to backup my data every once in a while to make sure this isn’t devastating if it happens again.

      2. Ouch, I would hate losing Monster Hunter save data. Sadly all SD cards aren’t created equally and some are more prone to failing like this, either way backing up is probably the way to go. On the bright side the 3DS itself is fine so that’s nice.

  2. What is going on?
    MS is not hurting for money, that much is certain, but I just can’t find myself to believe they’re thinking about the best of the industry.

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