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It Looks Like Professor Layton And The Curious Village Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

G4K, who is known for localising video games, have actually announced on their website (before an official announcement has been made) that they have been working on localising Professor Layton and the Curious Village on the Nintendo Switch. It is also noted on the very same website that they are handling the duties of Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires Conspiracy also for the Nintendo Switch. These games were originally for Ninrendo handheld systems but appear to be heading to the Nintendo Switch system. We shall have to wait for an official announcement.



  1. Didn’t fanboys say porting DS/3DS games to Switch was “impossible” due to the resolution, the need for 2 screens, the need for a touch screen that can be used with a stylus, etc, etc?

  2. Bah! This is fake news! Porting DS/3DS games to switch is impossible because:
    -The need for two screens
    -the need for a touch screen that can be used with a stylus

  3. Idk why the word localising was even brought into this. This was already localised however many years ago. I have the ds cartridge. It’s a matter of porting/reformatting only

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