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Shantae 5 Is Coming To Multiple Platforms, Including The Switch, Later This Year

WayForward has made a big announcement on their official Twitter today. The team have announced the next title in the Shantae series, Shantae 5. The game, which is already in development without a Kickstarter, will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Apple Arcade “later this year”. The official announcement tweet can be seen down below.


  1. Oh yeah!
    None of the games on the PS Direct were so interesting for me………. But this!!!!
    This is the good stuff!

      1. They didn’t announce or show anything new or worth talking about imo, not worth watching until they start showing gameplay of LoU2 and Ghost of Tsushima, which may be ps5 releases at this point.

      1. I know what, but I would be banned if I said what I know. But on side note, I want an easy mode.

  2. Very nice! Can’t wait to see how this one will turn out. Personally, I seem to enjoy only every second Shantae game. I loved Shantae 1 and 3 (Pirate’s Curse), thought 4 (Half-Genie Hero) was “okay”, and disliked 2 (Risky’s Revenge). So who knows, maybe 5 will end up being really enjoyable to me again? I do hope they’re not going to use the same art style as Half-Genie Hero, though. The 3D + 2D mix is nice for like a game or two, but I don’t find that art style particularly pretty. Hoping for a full 2D game again.

  3. Ret 2 Go! Can’t wait to see this game in action! I hope it’s like Pirate’s Curse, because that’s my favorite so far (though I did still enjoy half-genie hero quite a bit)

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