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12 Months Of Switch Online Free For Twitch Prime Members

Update: Seems to be working in various other countries now

Amazon is currently offering a free year of Nintendo Switch Online for those of you who are Twitch Prime members. It doesn’t seem to work in the UK just yet, but I assume those of you in the United States will be able to claim this. You can initially claim 3 months free and then you can claim another 9 months after 60 days have passed. I’ll update the article if the regions change for the offer!


  1. I got my Nintendo Online subscription out of fear for my Smash save file when the piranha plant bug appeared. I can’t think of anything less enticing than having to pay for Twitch to play Tetris 99.

  2. So how does this work? Do you just link your Nintendo and Twitch account and get the subscribtion, or do you get given a code or what?
    FAQ says something about registering a credit card or paypal on the Nintendo site, but my account rejects my credit card except on 3DS eshop.

    1. It’s basically a link, and you need to give Nintendo a way to renew the subscription, such as Credit Card or PayPal. If you don’t cancel it they will use that payment method to extend the service once the free phase is over.

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