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Video: Team Sonic Racing – Team Up Trailer

The latest Sonic Racing title is coming to the Nintendo Switch system on the 21st of May after a reasonably lengthy delay. Today, SEGA and Sumo Digital have released a new trailer for Team Sonic Racing showcasing the team aspect of the game as well customisation for your vehicles. The visuals are also looking rather snazzy too. Take a watch below.

7 thoughts on “Video: Team Sonic Racing – Team Up Trailer”

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  2. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that we can’t play as sticks the badger, chaos zero, cream the rabbit, or the babylon rogues. #CreamTheRabbitForTeamSonicRacing #ChaosZeroForTeamSonicRacing #SticksTheBadgerForTeamSonicRacing #BabylonRoguesForTeamSonicRacing

  3. Sonic 2 (3ds and switch), sonic generations (3ds), Sonic all stars racing transformed (wii u and 3ds), sonic boom shattered crystal, sonic boom fire and ice, and sonic forces (switch) are where I’m currently getting my sonic fix. I’ll still wanting for more sonic games on the nintendo switch. #ICanKissOmochaoNow #NeedSonicHeroesOnNintendoSwitch #CreamTheRabbitForTeamSonicRacing #ChaosZeroForTeamSonicRacing #SticksTheBadgerForTeamSonicRacing #BabylonRoguesForTeamSonicRacing

  4. #SticksTheBadgerIsBestGirl

    I want sticks, cream, and tikal. Sticks is speed, cream is fly, and tikal is power. Sticks can have an orange version of knuckles car. Cream can have a yellow version of Amy’s car. Tikal can have a blue version of tails car. #SticksTheBadgerIsBestGirl

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