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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Analysis – Nintendo Switch Vs. DS And iOS Versions

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is finally available to purchase today on the Nintendo Switch eShop and you are probably wondering how it compares to the previously released versions? Well, YouTuber FPSY has compared the newly released Switch version against the original Nintendo DS games and the version of the trilogy currently available on iOS. Take a watch below to see if you are impressed with the Nintendo Switch port!

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  1. Wow and here I thought they were all the same across the board with the obvious better visuals on switch lol who knew that the iOS version would be worse than the ds one

  2. I find it funny that so many video reviews of this game mention the options menu, and even scroll through it, but claim that you can’t change the text box transparency.

    1. I had to slow it down to see what you were saying. He inadvertently knocked it down a point Just because it “didn’t do the [text box] like the DS version”.

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