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Mortal Kombat 11 On Nintendo Switch Will Be A Hefty 22.53GB

The announcement that Mortal Kombat 11 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch was a big surprise to a number of us. The game is set to launch on 23rd April in North America and in the UK digitally on the same date (the physical version will come 10th May) Today, the file-size for the Switch version has been revealed and it is rather large. You will need 22.53GB spare space on your SD Card. The base game is apparently 6.537GB with the rest being a download, which I understand isn’t ideal for a number of you.

Thanks to ps4switchmasterrace and Johnny Nagle for sending in the news tip!


      1. Not by much, considering the game isn’t really playable until you do a full download. Sellable is all.

    1. I could mention again that they should have used a semi-custom chip with hardware decompression to try to fix this but…oh I guess I just did lol

      1. It just need less nerdy developers that understand that uncompressed audio/video isn’t needed (just lower definition!). It’s a f* hybrid console, not a PC. Luckily this IP does not interest me. Nintendo’s do it better.

        1. Developers have and always will use heavy compression on video. You won’t find a single game that has ever used uncompressed video. Just one minute of uncompresed 30fps 24-bit would have been nearly 5 GB. Instead games use stuff like Bink or h.264/HEVC would compressed at ratios of like 150:1. Game audio, at least in several Switch games and even in Xbox One and PS4 games HAS been compressed. Absolutely all games in the past 15 years have used compressed textures as well.

          You’re mentioned this before and continue to act like developers are the issue with the Switch. They aren’t. The fact is, you can’t compress everything in a lossy way. Shaders, geometry, and other data require lossless compression to be made smaller and even those compressed textures can be made smaller with lossless compression. The algorithms that the Switch and other games can handle during gameplay can only do very light compression.

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