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(Update: Target error, it is Torna instead) Target selling Xenoblade Chronicles 2 tomorrow for just $19.99

Update: According to @Wario64 the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 listing on the Target flyer was a mistake and it was meant to be Torna: The Golden Country, which is $19.99. Worth calling your local store though 😊

Newly updated Target advert for Switch games in deal

If you have yet to venture into the huge world that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 offers gamers then tomorrow would be the ideal time to do so. A new Target flyer has leaked and has been uploaded to Twitter by Wario64 and it states that the Nintendo Switch title will be on sale tomorrow for $19.99, which is the cheapest we’ve seen it priced at. Take a look at the flyer below for some of the massive deals on offer at the retailer!


24 thoughts on “(Update: Target error, it is Torna instead) Target selling Xenoblade Chronicles 2 tomorrow for just $19.99”

  1. You can trade in Xenoblade 2 at GameStop for $24 (if you have pro) plus they have a 50% trade credit deal currently. You can actually make a profit if you buy at target and trade in at Gamestop.

      1. I know it’s a joke, but they actually have a only 1 copy in a given time policy so people don’t abuse these overlapping deals XD

    1. It’s North America. Just Google target weekly ad and you can view this week’s which ends tonight Saturday and can sneak peak next week’s ad also. It is in there so it will be 19.99 for a week not just tomorrow.

    1. Yup, just seen this on Wario64s account 😔 I’ve updated the post accordingly. It does seem some stores are honouring it. But I suppose it’s down to the individual customer service assistant, so yeah, they don’t have to.

      1. The ad wasn’t wrong. The poster Wario was wrong. If you looked at the actual target ad (which you get a preview of before the sale week) it showed this.

  2. Whelp it does seem that the ad is incorrect as it’s only showing Torna for that sale…. some Switch games are 50% off though if you buy a Switch including most of the heavy hitters.

    Wonder if they’ll still honor Xenoblade though since the ads wrong ?

      1. Yeah, still went and picked up both Xenoblade and Torna today. I had a gift card for $25 and Torna is well worth the $20 so it was still a good deal ! Didn’t really try to get the price honored though cuz I’m not good at things like that 😅

  3. I already know they won’t. They’re a buncha assholes at the store nearest me. I’ve had issues with them in the last :/

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