Nintendo Switch

Video: Hellblade Switch & Playstation 4 Graphics Comparison

Digital Foundry has released a new graphics comparison video. The Nintendo Switch version of Hellblade released a few days ago. So, Digital Found takes a look at how the docked version of the Switch release compares to the Playstation 4 version that released in August of 2017.  You can see the video for yourself down below, so feel free to check it out.



    1. ohhh okay, i know what you mean and im not a friend of it to, but this one i like because in this case you see how a great port must look.
      mostly it is 3ds switch wii u that dosen iterest my but a switch vs ps4/xbox its interesting how mutch they can bring out of the switch.
      yeah it was another video before.
      one would be enough.


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