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NPD: The Nintendo Switch Was The “Best-Selling Platform For Both March & The Quarter, In Terms Of Both Dollar Sales & Systems Sold”

The latest NPD data wasn’t just good news for Nintendo’s software, but their hardware saw some success as well. The first quarter of the year closed as of March, as well as the old fiscal year. While we still don’t know much about the latter, according to VentureBeat, the former was great for Nintendo. They said that the Switch “was the best-selling platform for both March and the quarter, in terms of both dollar sales and systems sold”. However, they are concerned about how the rumors of Switch revisions will impact sales. They speculated that these rumors “could also result in consumers being slower to buy systems”.



  1. Nintendo needs to quell these rumors. If they aren’t true, they definitely could potentially have a negative effect on Switch sales. If it is true, no harm will really be done to the Switch as sales will pick back up once those new systems hit store shelves. In fact, it would potentially boost sales to twice their current number as some people will definitely want to upgrade to a stronger version of the Switch.

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