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Nintendo: “Pokémon Sword & Shield Are Being Developed To Emphasize The Fun Of Playing Nintendo Switch In Handheld Mode”

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa took a moment in the company’s financial results briefing to talk about Pokemon Sword and Shield. According to Furukawa, Pokemon Sword and Shield “have generated a huge response from consumers. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, which were released in November of last year, are designed to highlight the fun of Nintendo Switch in TV mode, for example by waving the controller at the TV screen to capture Pokémon. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield are being developed to emphasize the fun of playing Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. We want these games to be played not only by longtime Pokémon fans, but also by consumers whose first encounter with the series was on a dedicated video game platform with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!”.



    1. +Infinite Ridley
      Pokemon doesn’t exactly need the full power of the Nintendo Switch. It’s a turn-based RPG and games in that genre don’t have anywhere near as much animation as other genres do. Besides, you’re getting a mainline Pokemon game in full HD that has all past Pokemon, all past content, and a load of new Pokemon to play as, what more could you ask for?

      1. An upgrade to the graphical artstyle. This game could have worked just as easily on a new, stronger handheld as it’s current artstyle isn’t too far ahead of the 3DS games. Only real difference I see is an upgrade from SD to HD.

      2. +Infinite Ridley
        I’m sorry but if you expect them to perform drastic improvements to over 900+ Creatures AND bring in new content at the same time then you have standards way too high.
        If this was a reboot and they were starting from the ground up then you’d have an argument but with you have this much to work on, asking for even better graphics is just unrealistic.

        1. It’s called having a second dev team work on a new engine and giving said dev team 5-10 years to work on it. Meanwhile, they can continue to release mainline Pokemon games using the current handheld engine. Or GameFreak could release some side games & remakes during that time frame so the second dev team can just focus on the current 900-something instead of having to add another 100 Pokemon to their new engine every 3 years when the next mainline Pokemon game with another 100 new Pokemon releases.

          Or they could do like some other 3rd parties do and release the next mainline Pokemon game that’s more of a home console game with just the new Pokemon. Then after the game releases, just do patches over the next few years of it being out to add the other 900 something Pokemon slowly over time.

          There’s many ways GameFreak could work around the problems you bring up. If they aren’t actively looking for ways to get around said problems you mention, then it just reinforces my belief that GameFreak is cheap and a little lazy and don’t want to put forth the time, money, and effort to upgrade the franchise.

      3. +Infinite Ridley
        We’ve had this discussion before and as I’ve said, Pokemon does not need a new engine. The Turn-Based engine is fine as it is, why fix what isn’t broken? Also, having a new engine bringing in an “Upgrade to the graphical artstyle” is not the same thing.
        I really don’t understand this mindset, Pokemon does not need a new engine, the current engine works perfectly fine and is well-received by the players. Why the hell would Gamefreak spend money to change what is working just fine? Here’s a hint; They wouldn’t. Plus, has it ever occurred to you that’s why we have Pokemon Spin Off games? To actually give the audiences that don’t want another Turn-Based Pokemon game to play? Probably not.
        Also, that patch process you suggested would bomb big time. If people see that the game has a lot missing from launch, they would just drop out there and then and spend their money elsewhere. It’s also hypocritical of you to say this because in another post, you criticized Nintendo for being shady with adding in content to Mario Tennis Aces after the original game came out! Talk about a double standard dude.
        Gamefreak isn’t lazy dude, it’s just you being entitled.

        1. To the Mario Tennis Aces thing, that’s because I hold Nintendo to a higher standard than I do GameFreak. GameFreak is nowhere near close to Nintendo in terms of, well, everything (GF is AA at best, indie at worst while Ninty is AAA at their best, AA- at their worst) because of how cheap & slightly lazy GameFreak has been for 20+ years. If you want to be content with the mainline games stuck in early 2000s era graphics and artstyle, fine. Others, though, want more. Nothing wrong with that. Call it entitled all you want but some of us know what we want & we want more. Hopefully GameFreak will one day give me a reason to drop the “slightly lazy” moniker I’ve given them as they are listening to people like me that want some improvements and not people like you that are content with whatever lazy attempt they throw at ya, but it’s not this day.

      4. +Infinite Ridley
        That’s no excuse, it’s still hypocritical. You can’t throw that logic at 1 company and then turn around and propose the same thing for another just because of an arbitrary personal rating. Also, Mario Tennis Aces isn’t made by Nintendo, it’s actually Camelot that works on those games which definitely does not bring in as much money as Gamefreak, guess you missed that memo as well.

        Early 2000’s era? Early 2000’s was GBA Sprites, since then we’ve stepped into 3D Models which are naturally more details and more refined than GBA Sprites so please don’t pull the nonsense that the games look the same way now as they did back in that era, they clearly look much better.

        Contrary to what you may think; More isn’t necessarily a good thing, when you start messing with a formula that clearly works perfectly fine and try to change it, you run the risk of ruining it entirely. I ask again; Why the fudge should Gamefreak go out of their way to fix what ain’t broke just for the sake of “change”? I think plenty of past franchises have shown just how badly wrong something can go when you make changes just for the sake of it.
        This is precisely why Gamefreak sticks to the current system, they know it doesn’t need changing so instead they just build on it and carry on adding in new content. That’s not being lazy, that’s being sensible.

        1. Damn. Totally forgot it took GameFreak over 15+ years to finally use 3D models for the mainline games. Maybe I am wrong to call them lazy since they are 15+ years behind the rest of the industry when it comes to Pokemon. Since it took them 15+ years to move away from the 2D sprite style, it’ll probably take roughly the same time frame to move away from the current style, too. Fine. I will relent with the lazy part. Gonna stick to everything else I said, though, not related to the lazy part because I still think they are just cheap.

      5. +Infinite Ridley
        I’m sorry but there’s absolutely no way any of the Nintendo Handheld Systems could handle 3D Models before the Nintendo 3DS came along. Pokemon Black and White had some 3D Models in it’s cities but that was about the best they could handle.
        Take a look at any of the games on the Nintendo DS, barely any of had fully converted to 3D Models, the only game I can think of that was 3D models was Mario Kart DS but that’s just a racing game, it’s not like the characters or the courses have that much animation put into them. Plus, let’s be real, some of the early models on the Nintendo DS looked awful, I highly doubt they could have made decent looking Pokemon models and actually make them work well on the limited power of the Nintendo DS and especially not on the Gameboy Advance and the original Gameboy.

        Alright, let me simply ask this; What exactly is wrong with the current engine? I’ve been playing on the current Pokemon engine for years and I’ve never found it to be a problem. If I had to get nit-picky, I would say the Pokemon could do with a little more animations but not only would a new engine not be needed for something like that as putting a new engine wouldn’t magically make new animation files but when you have a roster of 900+ Pokemon, I also feel asking for more animation is just simply asking for too much.

        1. I feel the engine is holding it back. With a better engine, they might be able to more easily eliminate some of the problems you bring up. That & the old engine might not be suited for home consoles and is probably why they REALLY aren’t using the Switch’s full potential & has nothing to do with this “being developed to emphasize the fun of playing Nintendo Switch in handheld mode” crap they are going with. It wouldn’t be the first time a company lied as to why they are doing this instead of that.

        2. I think I recall a few devs in the past mention how an engine they were using wasn’t suited for some of the new things (like create specific animations) they wanted to do with the game so they either created a new engine that could or they used an engine of someone else’s that could do it so they didn’t have to start from scratch with a new engine.

      6. +Infinite Ridley
        Well, I can definitely confirm Unity Studio is suited to Home Consoles. Unity Studio, The engine Pokemon uses, has actually been around for a very long time and even to this day plenty of developers use it due to how easy it is to work with. This is actually why rippers like myself have easily been able to rip the models from games like Pokemon Let’s Go and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

        As for that interview thing, well unless you can prove that it exists, I can’t really base any criticism towards Gamefreak on what someone says, nothing personal, I just can’t go pointing fingers at people just because of what someone says.

        Another thing I want to bring up here is how do you know it’s the engine holding it back? For all we know, it could be the hardware. Despite being able to play games in 3D Modelling, the actual specs of the Nintendo 3DS is pretty bad, despite the fact the system bombed, even the Playstation Vita is leagues beyond the power of the Nintendo 3DS.
        If it is the hardware, the Nintendo Switch will definitely fix this right up as that system is even more powerful than the Nintendo Wii U which also is leagues beyond the Nintendo 3DS. I actually speculate this is why they removed hoard battles in Generation 7, because the 3DS was straight up struggling to maintain all those Pokemon out at once, no engine can fix that.

  1. I’ve never played my nintendo switch connected to my tv. I only play it on handheld mode because watch dogs, sonic transformed, f zero x, star fox 64, and call of duty ghost have not been ported to switch. I play those games on my wii u still. I’m worried the pokebank won’t link Sun and Moon to Sword and Shield. I need to see the final starter evolutions and the legendary box pokemon to help me with my starter and version choice.

    1. If PokeBank isn’t compatible with Sword & Shield, I’m not buying them and will stick with Ultra Sun til it is. If I can’t carry my 800+ Pokemon to the new games, there is no point for me to get them as my main reason for still sticking with the franchise is to “Catch ’em All!” and I’m so not starting from scratch again.

      1. am can’t believe, why do you want to transfer your pokémon to the switch games if there´s a strong chance of losing them because the games won’t be compatible with cloud saves…
        Nintendo being Nintendo…

        – Church of Sasori

        Forgot about that. I guess it just shows how little interest Sword & Shield is getting out of me. That & there has been a load of other stuff on my mind like Godzilla, Avengers, Ant-Man movies, Child’s Play reboot, Chucky series, Game of Thrones S8 hype, Supernatural getting renewed for a final season, Detective Pikachu movie, Ugly Sonic the Hedgehog live action movie, playing a lot of Dead by Daylight, WWE stuff, YouTube videos from Markiplier, CinemaSins, Pet Sematary remake, and the list goes on. Yeah. Sword/Shield is pretty low on things I’m trying to keep track of at the moment and only ever really think about it when these articles pop up.

  2. I hope they remembered to make it optional to use the handheld wii controllers or go to gameboy mode perhaps. Otherwise original fans won’t enjoy it that much as it comes off too childish to be honest…

  3. Well hey s’all good as long as it’s not handheld only. Still can’t get over the weirdness of the 3DS games not actually working with the 3D function lmao

  4. Well hey. This is going to be an amazing generation right here. can’t wait to see the anime of it. I hope we get a PokeBank compatibility for this game.

  5. While this does make perfect sense, Pokemon is a handheld experience at it’s core after all, it also leaves me concerned about the current issue of grinding for competitive play.
    Let’s face it, building a team in Pokemon for competitive play is dull and boring as hell. You have to spend hours trying to breed for the right IV’s which means running around on a Tauros/Bike for ages and that still leaves the EV Training, Moveset, and Hold Items.
    The reason I bring this up is because if you criticize this aspect, Nintendo/Gamefreak can fall back on the “You can take it on the go” aspect which is a stupid rebuttal but let’s be real; if Nintendo can use it, they will.

  6. Is anyone surprised that Gamefreak is acting this way about their games. I do enjoy the original pokemon style and it is still fun to play, but the average game company sees the extra power as a way to enhance their games and keep them from being a stale experience. Unfortunately the last two generations have been an overall stale experience. I was hoping for more with the jump to full 3D. Now we have hardware that can properly handle 3D and it seems like they still want to do a Sun and Moon experience. This does not make them bad games, but I and many others wish that Pokemon would be more aggressive with its changes or at least release spin-off games like Colosseum that have the same battle system, but introduce interesting mechanics that change the way we catch and train Pokemon. The overall goal in those games are different from the main games and that was a pretty cool way of doing Pokemon. Neither is actually bad, but as a whole I feel the main battle system Pokemon experience has stagnated a bit. This is just my opinion of course, but I do feel that a larger part of the base does feel this way about the series.

    1. I’ve always seen it as GameFreak being cheap and a little lazy. I’ve argued the lazy part before that just because they do a lot of other stuff on the games like updating the Pokemon with the slight change in artstyle, changing the animation for older moves while adding new moves, etc, etc that it doesn’t mean they still can’t be lazy in other aspects. Like Smash, for instance, with making moveset clones: that’s still lazy even if there is a ton of other stuff they are doing to the game.

      All that said, I can accept that, though… to a degree. If you took the time to make every character unique in a fighting game for instance, it does make development time longer and developers are usually given a bloody deadline (usually 1 to 5 years) on when to release a game. With Pokemon, it was only a matter of time before the number of Pokemon would hinder certain aspects of the games in the future. If they gave Pokemon games more than just 3-5 years to come out, GameFreak would have more time to do massive changes to the games. Since they won’t do that, GameFreak needs to create a side development team that works on creating a new engine for Pokemon for around 10 years. During that time, they can still release new games with new Pokemon using the current engine.

  7. Yeah, it make sense that they would do this since some of their fans might find it difficult to adapt to playing a mainline Pokemon game on their TV since they’ve been on handhelds since gen 1.

    I just hope they don’t end up making Sword and Shield only playable in handheld mode. It’s nice that they want to show how fun games can be in handheld mode, but some people only like having the Switch in that mode when they’re going somewhere and like having it docked when they’re at home. It would just be very inconvenient for them.

  8. Well fuck, i dont give two cents about the portable mode on the switch. i dont like to play my games on half the resoluion in a 6.5 inch display with shitty sound using nipples joysticks while everyone is looking at me.

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