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Nintendo Says That They Continue To See More Switch Dev Kits Being Shipped To Publishers Than Any Other Previous Nintendo Platform

Nintendo didn’t just talk about their own games at their financial briefing. They also discussed “an even richer variety of new titles from other software publishers”. Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that “many publishers are developing titles for Nintendo Switch because it has met our expectations of widespread adoption, and because we made our development environment available from the very beginning. The number of Nintendo Switch development kits shipped to publishers continues to greatly exceed the number of kits for any of our previous platforms, and many developers are creating titles for Nintendo Switch”.



  1. Good. As long as they stay open with the rest of the industry for future systems, we shouldn’t see another Wii U fiasco. again for awhile. With Switch at over 35m & Wii U at around 13m maybe now we can all finally agree that the Wii U was a failure. I know there had to be a few that still think the Wii U wasn’t a failure. Probably a few even still that won’t accept it. Sure some can argue it’s not a bad system (opinions, after all) but it’s still a failure in the eyes of Nintendo & the industry as a whole.

    1. Well… the way you insist so hard on the failure of the WiiU its defenders is so intriguing !
      Do you need something in particular from those people ? Because it looks like you’re having a hard time to move on !

  2. I heard the kits are very cheap. They cost around 500 dollars whereas Wii U used to cost 2500 dollars. Great incentive.

  3. Previously they had home console and hand console divided.
    But I’m sure that is not the only reason Switch is doing so good currently.

    1. While the handheld part is definitely helping in Japan & with certain groups of people outside of Japan that like to play games while on their break at work (or if they use public transport to get to work instead of driving themselves,) it’s not the only reason it’s doing so well. As DemiGOD pointed out below, it’s also because of so many indies out there nowadays. Then there is the good AAA and AA support from devs like Bethesda or Square Enix. Switch has more in common with 3DS than Wii U when it comes to support from other developers besides Ninty and the success of Switch proves that. It should reach 3DS numbers within the next 3 years if not sooner. (An upgraded Switch definitely has the potential to increase sales like the n3DS and Pro did for the base 3DS & PS4.)

  4. A lot of variables are responsible for this, but there being more indie devs now more than ever before has a lot to do with it. Not to mention that switch Dev kits are less than a quarter of the price that Wii U kits were going for, so more indie devs are able to afford them now. Regardless, good for Ninty.

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