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Retro Studios Currently Hiring For Metroid Prime 4

Retro Studios have been placed in charge of the development of the next instalment of the critically acclaimed Metroid Prime franchise and today they have announced that they are recruiting new applicants to help with the development of the long-awaited, Metroid Prime 4. You can view the full list of vacancies and job details on the Retro Studios website.

“As a North American Nintendo-owned developer, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, customized experiences in our games and in our studio. Our unique style stands out and wows gamers all over the globe with games in the Metroid, Donkey Kong, and Mario Kart franchises. We believe good company culture, passion and creativity are crucial to delivering great games. Retro is committed to maintaining an environment that supports those qualities and our employees and our games are a reflection of these efforts.

Working at Retro means joining the family – locally and globally. It means breakfast & picnics with the team. It means collaboration with our Japanese partners. But for each individual, it means giving back to that family by bringing creativity, consideration and respect to the strong, wonderful IPs of Nintendo.

If you’re passionate about quality, about being a part of a creative culture and about Nintendo, you’re already one step closer to being part of Retro Studios.”

Thanks to Nintendo First Order Reaver for sending in the news tip!


  1. I’ve never understood how much programming know-how it takes to be a game designer. Every source seems to say different things, with some making it seem like you need a solid foundation in programming, while others say you only need to be able to communicate with the programmers. It’s such a strange industry. You need to be so multi-talented, and even with now almost 3 years of formal game design education under my belt, I don’t seem to have a chance at getting my foot in the door (haven’t even been able to get an internship). Meanwhile, I detest programming, and only understand it on a sub-basic level.

    1. Both. There are game designers able to program and others unable to, though everyone need to be able to use appropriate tools.

    2. Try making a game yourself. That’ll help you see all that goes into it. It’s a ton more work then I originally thought. I’m a 3D Modeler and I’m doing all of the modeling and texturing for a game I’m working on, no coding or anything, and it takes forever. No wonder games take years to make. But again, I’d say just start working on a game yourself. If you finish it, that’ll mean a lot to places you are applying to.

      1. I very much appreciate the advice, but I’d personally find it too limiting to make a game without any coding. I’ve fiddled around with Game Maker, and been involved in two decently serious Unity projects in school (one ended up being a 15-minute-long finished game), but I just don’t have the skills to make something on my own. At least not anything that would be worth putting on my resumé. To be honest, since I’m not even graphically skilled or familiar with the software, I’d have to work quite a bit just to be an asset in that field. But that is my current plan, to work on my artistic skills and learn the software in my spare time, and maybe study some basic business, so I could hopefully join or build a small team.

      2. Oh, and I wish you the best of luck on your current and future projects! I hope you find as much success as Notch or Eric Barone.

  2. Hopefully they’ll hire the elite from all corners of the world and produce a groundbreaking Metroid prime 4 for the new switch pro VR.

  3. Good on them for hiring more help to ease the work flow instead of working a more limited staff ragged. I’m absolutely looking forward to it, but that’s not a practice I want to see continue in game development.

    1. To clarify, I’m talking about “sleepless nights” being bad. Rereading that, I think that’s something that may be lost in translation for some readers.

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