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Video: Blades Of Time Coming To Nintendo Switch On 14th May

A revamped version of hack ’n’ slash action adventure Blades of Time is coming to the Nintendo Switch platform on 14th May. Gaijin Entertainment says that the Nintendo Switch version contains numerous improvements over the PC release and also contains a new multiplayer experience. Here’s the details direct from Gaijin Entertainment.

The story-driven single player campaign sees the daring treasure huntress Ayumi set out on a journey to an ancient island to reach the hidden treasures of a long lost civilization. To fight her way through hordes of monsters and other creatures of magic, the heroine can perform more than 40 unique attacks, utilizing powerful melee combos, firearms, powerful magic and even rewind time.

With Ayumi’s time-rewind ability, players can bring an almost limitless amount of strategies to the battlefield. After a time rewind, Ayumi’s shadow in time will repeat the last actions of the player, like fighting monsters or luring them away. At the same time, the player can then charge into battle with Ayumi again, using the additional firepower – or detraction – to defeat even the biggest hordes of enemies or the most powerful bosses. You can repeat this tactic again and again in the same battle to bring up to five shadows of Ayumi from different timelines simultaneously.

For those ready to cross swords with real competitors, the game also offers a challenging multiplayer mode, uniquely combining the game’s third-person Hack ‘n’ Slash combat with strategic MOBA elements. Players can choose their avatar among several heroines and heroes, all featuring different skills and special abilities. Each player then takes charge of an army of NPC monsters, trying to be the first to destroy the enemy’s stronghold.


  1. I’m a fan of Ayumi but not sure about the game, need to look into it some more

  2. I thought it looked good. The worlds look fantastic and the gameplay looks sorta like Bayonetta or Devil May Cry. Interesting that I just heard about this today yet it releases in a few days though… has my interest though.

  3. Pretty mediocre game, but it could be much worse. Could be the game it’s a remake of, X Blades. One of the worst games I’ve ever played.

  4. Atctually, this game had already been lauched on ps3 by Konami long time ago. I’ve played already. It terrible!

    1. At least it’s better than the game it’s a remake of. I’ll take this over X-Blades (though I’d rather have neither).

  5. Yea that’s how women should be dressed in an action game and not like in the new Mortal Kombat!

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