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Video: Kill la Kill If Gameplay

IGN has given us a glimpse of the upcoming Kill la Kill video game which is headed to the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. The gameplay video showcases the game’s first mission, which looks rather good. There are lip sync issues, but take a look for yourself and see what you think!


  1. The animation looks horrible, it’s like the characters are moving at 5fps. The art style itself looks nice, the cel shading almost makes it look like it’s straight out of the anime, but it’s so damn poorly animated. The gameplay didn’t exactly look amazing either. No kidding, there’s free mobile games running and looking a lot better than this, haha. Like Honkai Impact, for example. Just get that one instead, honestly.

    1. Anime games always have tiny budgets, even popular ones that sell lots of copies like Persona, so of course they’re going to have very limited animation; TBH I don’t mind it, but it does annoy me when people say it is intentional because they’re trying to emulate low-FPS anime because it’s not really true.

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