6 Sonic Characters Have New Voice Actors In Team Sonic Racing

The credits of Team Sonic Racing have recently surfaced online, including the game’s voice overs. Footage of the game had already suggested that voices for Knuckles, Omochao, Silver, Blaze, Zavok and Omega had been changed, but the credits have confirmed it. Some voice actors, including Travis Willingham and Laura Bailey, are not mentioned. Instead, there are some new voice actors credited. A list of the voice changes, as well as two tweets relaying the news, can be seen down below.

  • Blaze & Omochao – Erica Lindbeck
  • Knuckles – Dave Mitchell
  • Silver – Bryce Papenbrook
  • Zavok – Patrick Seitz
  • Omega – Aaron LaPlante


  1. I’m actually saddened by this news… but I’m still getting the game. They are very good replacements, just can’t see why they have to be replaced.

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    1. Probably for the same reason the creators of Clarence and The Loud House respectively have been let go (for all we know at SEGA).


      1. Then its anyone’s guess why SEGA sacks one group of talent, in favor of one potentially worse.

        Remember Drummond?


  2. I loved Quinton Flynn as Silver The Hedgehog. Wasn’t he the original voice of Silver when the hedgehog made his debut back in ‘Sonic The Hedgehog:06 game for XBOX 360 & PS3?


      1. Not relevant to this topic, but I just changed my username from “ncfanboy1” to “Blitzer6”.
        I just want to change my username to something that sounded cooler, I wanted to leave the “NC” [Nostalgia Critic] out of my username as much as possible (#ChangeTheChannel), and I wanted to point this out in case anyone gets confused by seeing two different usernames using the same profile pic.

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  3. Damn it.

    I thought Quinton Flynn was just getting started.
    I mean he was the perfect replacement for Pete Capella, because unlike Capella; Quinton Flynn had potential to add maturity to Silver’s voice. (I mean he was the voice of Raiden from the Metal Gear series for crying out loud)

    I just hope Silver sounds more like Kirito [Sword Art Online] and less like Meliodas [Seven Deadly Sins] because if you’re going to give the mature voice for Silver that he SHOULD HAVE while Quinton Flynn is out of the picture, then you might as well go with the kind of performance that fits Silver’s background.

    Let’s not forget that Silver was meant to be someone who grew up in an apocolyptic future, so you’d expect a character such as that to sound cool… but Sonic ’06 (if not the 4Kids cast in general) botched that. This recast is their only shot to making Silver tolerable at this point.


  4. Big the cat and omochao are still my least favorite playable characters on team sonic racing. I will not play as them. I hate that omochao replaced cream the rabbit. Storm the albatross or chaos zero should have been playable instead of big the cat.


  5. I wonder why Laura Bailey was replaced as the voice of Blaze (she’s also the voice of Lucina in Fire Emblem Awakening and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS/Ultimate, if you didn’t know), because I thought she did fine.

    Now that Matt Mercer is the voice of Espio, I hope he does it for awhile (not that Espio makes any noteworthy appearances anymore- anytime the Chaotix makes an appearance, it’s only ever Vector who’s playable).


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