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Harvest Moon: Mad Dash Coming To Nintendo Switch

Natsume has been busy developing a new entry in the Harvest Moon series for both the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 and it is named Harvest Moon: Mad Dash. More information will be shared next month at E3 2019. Here’s what has been shared by the company about the latest game in the long-running series with more to come on 11th June.

“We are excited to announce a new Harvest Moon game and reveal a first look at its gameplay and features at E3 2019,” said Natsume president and CEO Hiro Maekawa in a press release. “Fans might be surprised at what we have in store for Harvest Moon this year. This different take on the Harvest Moon experience will let players enjoy the classic features of the series in a new and exciting way!”



    1. Yea even indie developers make better Harvest Moon games (Stardew Valley). They just beat a dead horse by now.

  1. A small PSA for those who are fans of Harvest Moon.
    Basic information– Story of Seasons= Harvest Moon.
    Harvest Moon= Fake Moon games which are subpar at best.
    Actual explanation, Natsume trademarked the name Harvest Moon, forcing the game developers to get a new name since they split and/or got cut from Natsume– Which is the publisher and not a developer of games as far as I know– and changed their name to Story of Seasons to resume working and creating games many have grown up with and fans enjoyed playing.
    I recommend looking up a youtuber named GammaLad since he explains in full of what happened. I’m just going off of base notes and what I remember of his explanation.

    1. This isn’t the full story and Natsume did nothing wrong. Marvelous decided to drop Natsume from the equation out of nowhere. In Japan, it is very shameful to drop a long time business partner like that. Marvelous shouldn’t have dropped Natsume. Marvelous actually never sought out the name “Harvest Moon” and actually just went with “Story of Seasons” without trying to buy the copyright. The option to buy it out was there but they wanted to save money, not spend more. Natsume was then stuck with the IP for Harvest Moon and decided to try developing games in the series. The games weren’t that great at first but they’ve definitely improved it a lot. Please don’t crap on their games because the developer of the series you love did them wrong. Just enjoy them both.

  2. How about a Harvest Moon with no new features and no different take? Every new Harvest Moon came with something new and fell on its but.

    1. I say go with a different take. Between Stardew Valley, Rune Factory and Story of Seasons we have enough games now doing the Harvest Moon formula right. Harvest Moon might as well experiment, you never know, they might make something good some day.

  3. As long as they don’t use the same characters they have for the past four games I’ll be happy

  4. Oh how excited I would have been if this were done by Marvelous…I’m disappointed in you, Natsume. I will not be buying this game if it’s anything like the previous ones.

  5. Nobody gives a shit about this garbage. Story of Seasons is where it’s at.

    Speaking of which, would be nice to see some updates on it at E3 maybe. A console Story of Seasons was announced to be in the works when the Switch was first revealed, but we haven’t heard anything since. Don’t want them to rush it, by any means, but getting some info would be nice for sure.

    1. Well, they did mention that a new entry is being worked on last month, though yea, I guess that wasn’t really news.

      1. Is that so? Nice. Maybe we really might see something at E3 then. But even if not, just the confirmation that they’re working on it is a good sign.

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