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Zelda Producer Shoots Down Idea Of Skyward Sword Without Motion Controls

Game Informer has had the opportunity to chat with The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. The subject of Zelda remakes came about and Game Informer asked if there were any more Zelda titles planned for a remake like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is recieving on Nintendo Switch. He was also asked if they had thought about a Zelda Skyward Sword remaster without the fidly motion controls. Here’s what Mr Aonuma had to say:

“Currently I don’t have plans, but there is a title that we can incorporate new elements or new features that is perhaps a perfect fit for a remake, then maybe we’ll consider it”

Mr. Aonuma talking about future Zelda remakes with Game Informer

One “new element” many fans have clamored for in a potential remake of Skyward Sword is to remove the motion controls. For those hoping that is a possibility, Aonuma has some bad news. “So you’re saying control it all with buttons?” he says with an incredulous squint. “That’s a little hard! I think it might be close to impossible!”

Mr. Aonuma talking about a Skyward Sword remake with Game Informer



    1. They are not as accurate as a Wii Remote Plus. And even the Wii Remote Plus needed the sensor bar to recalibrate itself after a Skyward Sword Swordfight. It’s annoying, but a Skyward Sword remaster would require exclusive physical equipment.


    2. Because many people simply don’t like motion controls. Some might’ve skipped Skyward Sword just for that reason.


  1. Do people forget how this games combat mechanics worked? I supposed you could map Link’s sword movements to the right stick but like… idk. I played that game to completion twice and loved it and had no problems with the motion controls. I always feel like… if it’s not hard for me, why’s it hard for anyone else?

    (granted you have no physical ailments, otherwise, fuck this game am I right?)

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    1. Apart from having to recalibrate Wii Motion Plus Sensor everynow and then, it was also perfect for me. It was really inmersive. Having it remade with traditional controls is the stupidest request I have ever heard, that game was thought around motion controls.

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    2. I am left handed, and whenever I tried to play Skyward Sword I just couldn’t get used to holding the Wiimote in my right hand, so I always tried to play it like I played every other Wii game… with the Wiimote in my left hand, and the controls weren’t that good.


      1. Wait. There was? I don’t recall such an option. I remember them specifically stating they made Link right handed in the game because of the fact most of the world’s population is right handed. I guess it’s possible I also missed it.


  2. So just remake it with joy con motion controls then. Maybe experiment with a touch layout for handheld. I just want it on a console that I use regularly!


  3. I like how people bash motion controls yet they praise VR which uses motion controls. I guess adding a headset makes it not motion controls. Its like Pluto being but not actually a planet.


    1. I haven’t personally tried VR yet, but I would hope that the controllers have evolved just a little bit since the Wii. I have never heard anyone mention anything about regularly recalibrating them at least. Not to mention that close to nobody really took advantage of the Wii’s motion controls. Wiggling the Wiimote awkwardly to do something you could simply do with the press of a button is different from accurately moving your virtual body I imagine.


      1. on PSVR in a lot of games you have to regularly recalibrate your height which games make easy as just holding a button for a sec.


  4. A majority of people that complain about motion controls are just lazy and don’t want to feel like they are being forced to “exercise” so they dis out on motion controls without even giving the games a try.

    Ofcourse that doesn’t apply to everyone, some people actually have tried it and simply prefer the classic way of controls

    And then there are the people who fail miserably to understand how motion controls work in general and quit really fast and suck at playing video games so they mostly play free dumb mobile games on their phones…


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