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Sensor Tower: Dragalia Lost is now Nintendo’s second most successful mobile title

Sensor Tower has been releasing lots of data ever since Dr. Mario World launched earlier this month. However, this data gives some positive news for a different Nintendo mobile game. Sensor Tower confirmed that Dragalia Lost has now surpassed $100,000,000 in worldwide player spending “on 3,000,000 downloads”, making it Nintendo’s second-most successful mobile game. Previously, this belonged to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Nintendo’s most successful mobile game still belongs to Fire Emblem Heroes, which has $591,000,000 in worldwide player spending.

Sensor Tower says that “Dragalia Lost has generated its largest portion of revenue from Japan, where players have spent more than $58,000,000 in the title to date. The United States is the game’s second largest market at 21% of spending or $21 million. Hong Kong leads the way in terms of revenue per download at $63, compared to Japan’s $47 and $17 in the U.S”. A chart can be seen down below.



  1. Not really that hard to be the 2nd highest grossing Nintendo mobile game. Fire Emblem Heroes is literally the only one that took off flying.

    Animal Crossing and Mario Run were busts right out of the gate.

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