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Nintendo’s Indie World showcase coming next Monday

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Tune in Monday, Aug. 19, at 6 a.m. PT / 9 a.m. ET for a new livestreamed Indie World video presentation, featuring roughly 20 minutes of information about indie games coming to Nintendo Switch!

Catch all of the updates at:

Source: Nintendo of America

12 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Indie World showcase coming next Monday”

  1. I hate most indie games, but maybe they’ll elaborate on the “fusion magic” they announced in the new Shantae game.

      1. It’s a personal bias. There are still plenty of good IPs that could be represented in Smash bros, but people are like “I want Sans in smash bros right now!”

        My list of good indie game IPs are Shantae, Touhou, Minecraft, Jackbox games, and Bloodstained.

      2. I prefer tripple A compared to indie, but I wouldn’t go as far to say I hate them. Killing Floor, Shovel Knight, Golf Story and Wargroove are great examples for indie games that’s hard to hate.

      3. I must admit there are some dog indie games available, but there are some absolute gems in there that’ll give a hellover lot of quality gameplay compared to several AAA games.
        I could name a ton, but most people will know the games I’m talking about.

      4. Indie games sometimes evolve into icons so it might not be the best on their first release but in time if the developer is persistent then it could dramatically improve. Also some first releases are already spectacular too.

    1. Great, there are always some cool games shown of in these. Really got into trying out more games on the Switch and some of the best games I’ve played in the last few years have been indie.

    2. So let’s see, I figure that Shantae and A Hat In Time will be in the showcase. And we’ll probably see Shovel Knight’s final updates. Unfortunately I cannot think of any other games that are indie and coming out soon, unless the System Shock remake is further done then I think.

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