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Monolith Soft currently on an “urgent recruitment” drive


Monolith Soft, the team behind the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles series, has announced that they are currently on an urgent recruitment drive for their upcoming unannounced project. The established company is looking for Programmers, Planner, Technical Artists, Designers, and Management-Support. All of these positions will be based at the company’s Tokyo studio under Tetsuya Takahashi. More details on the positions can be found here.

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6 thoughts on “Monolith Soft currently on an “urgent recruitment” drive”

  1. While the chances are slim, I hope it’s the more M rated game they talked about wanting to do. Not only would they make a good M-rated game but the fanservice that will no doubt be in the game will trigger certain people.

      1. Nothing wrong with that if that’s what some people want from their games, but that’s not me. Since it’s Monolith Soft, I know the gameplay is still gonna be great, the visuals of the environments are gonna be amazing, & the story is gonna be interesting. The hot anime girls are just a side bonus. Of course, there are plenty of games that could scratch that itch if I was ever inclined. Which reminds me, I should play a bit more of Senran Kagura Reflexions on Switch later.

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