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HAL Laboratories recruiting for new Kirby game


The team at Hal Laboratories is currently looking for additional staff for the next game in the beloved Kirby series on the Nintendo Switch system. The last game, Kirby Star Allies, was a fun little title and one we awarded a more-than-respectable 8.5/10. Kirby star Allies for the Nintendo Switch launched back in March 2018 and all eyes will be on what the team can create next.



  1. They’re making another one of those? ,,, Good. I wonder how they could top Star allies. Maybe it will be a spinoff instead.

  2. Here’s to hoping they start to experiment with their formula with the next games. Star Allies is a fine game but being the fourth in a series of very iterative titles I think it’s high time they try something new.

  3. YESSSSS. I’m very hype for what the next title could be. I’m sure it’s very complicated to consider what new way the game will play like AND translating all the powers and their movesets over to the new play style. I feel like Star Allies was perhaps disappointing to some folks but for long time fans there was A LOT of fanservice as well as a culmination to a point in the lore that satisfied on that front. I’m sure it was more a love letter to the long time fans in celebration of Kirby’s anniversary year. So all the love from HAL. Still now that we’ve reached this point, it’d be exciting to see the “Next Step” in Kirby evolution. Many folks are curious and wanting a 3D platforming game. How you translate the various powers smoothly, I dunno. I guess Kirby Battle Royale offers a first draft example.

  4. Am I the only one who didn’t like Kirby Star Allies? The game felt too easy and short for me, maybe it’s because I was expecting it to be like Kirby Super Star Ultra.

    1. Did you not play heroes from another dimensions mode that extra dlc mode that was completly hard especially with fighting all 3 mage sisters at the same time that literally have framerates issues and also a combo move that could straight up insta kill or take a whole lot of your health, the main game is pretty easy though.

    2. I wasn’t too fond of it either. I completed it and sent it away to a more appreciating owner lol it’s too simple for my tastes. I always give Kirby games a try but it always ends up being the same reason in my case. They would have to change it up in a big way to bring me in to the next one.

      1. I suggest you not play them than. Its an entry level series and it does have some hidden depth but it’s not an apperant or mandatory thing for the main campaign. I personally LOVE Kirby and I have loved and played harder games like Hollow Knight, MH4U, Dark Souls, Furi, etc BUT still love Kirby. However, Kirby games are first and foremost designed with new comers in mind. Solid design for that level. So you either get and enjoy what its going for or its just not for you and that’s fine.

      2. You should try Kirby Super Star Ultra. My very first Kirby game and I’ve seen myself playing it with the same DS cartridge for nearly a decade now.

  5. I thought were going to hear something kirby related for the direct, but this most likely confirms that we won’t get kirby news till the next direct or e3.

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