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Rumour: Alan Wake Remaster coming from Virtuos Games


Another day and another Nintendo Switch rumour as emerged and this time it is related to Alan Wake. A recent LinkedIn profile has surfaced which suggests that Virtuos Games is busy developing a remaster of the beloved Alan Wake which was on the Xbox 360. The remaster is apparently in development for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We shall have to wait and see if this is legitimate.


10 thoughts on “Rumour: Alan Wake Remaster coming from Virtuos Games”

  1. Please no….
    Only game I ever regretted I bought, and I paid only 5€ for it. This was before Steam offering refunds so easily.
    Feel dirty just reading it’s name.

      1. I played it only to the point where a ghost started narrating.
        I’m trying to forget it like I’m trying to forget there was 3rd Dead Space.

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