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Luigi’s Mansion 3 is now available to pre-purchase from the Switch eShop

If you are planning to digitally purchase Luigi’s Mansion 3, then Nintendo has good news. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is now available to pre-purchase from the Nintendo Switch eShop. You can also pre-load the game, allowing you to pick up and play the game as soon as it releases on October 31st. The game’s file size is 6.3GB. There is also a special offer that My Nintendo members can check out. If you pre-purchase the digital version of the game through the Switch eShop or on Nintendo’s website before October 30th, you can earn up to 600 Gold Points, which is double the usual number. An official tweet relaying the news is down below.


  1. I hate waiting for these games, but I honestly don’t mind if this game is as good as it’s looking to be so far.

  2. I think it’s nice to see where that series went. I remmber when it launched on Gamecube and people were pretty put off as they wanted a real mario game, especially after Nintendo’s Mario128-techdemo. I was kinda in between as I also couldn’t wait for a real Mariogame on the cube but I gave it a chance and it was a nice litle adventure with some new mechanics and I guess all in all what can be seen as Nintendo’s take on the horror survival-genre.

    Now this grew to be some major entry that isn’t a placeholder to fill the gap for the next Mario game and looking at how great the art direction is and how pleasing it is to just look at this game, makes me happy. Especially as I know that there’s way more under the hood than in the first game (I skipped black moon) which really was a kinda short and straight forward experience.

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