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Video: The Switch Lite’s analog sticks are the same as the Joy-Con’s

The biggest concern that Switch owners had with the Switch Lite are the analog sticks. The original Switch‘s Joy-Con controllers have analog sticks that move on its own, an issue that became problematic this year and is called “Joy-Con Drift”. The concern is that the same analog sticks that drift could be put into the Switch Lite. Because the Switch Lite doesn’t use detachable Joy-Cons, the problem could be made worse with analog sticks that are embedded with the console itself.

Multiple Switch Lite owners, such as Spawn Wave, have taken the Switch Lite apart to examine the analog sticks up close. They have discovered that the analog sticks for the Switch Lite have a different part number, but unfortunately, the analog sticks are exactly the same as the Joy-Con’s. If the problem still exists, we probably won’t find out until people have been playing their Switch Lites for a good while, so it could take a year or two. The good news is that Nintendo is fixing the Joy-Con drift for free, regardless of warranty status, so if the problem were to surface with the Switch Lite, Nintendo’s response should be the same. You can see Spawn Wave’s findings in a video down below.


19 thoughts on “Video: The Switch Lite’s analog sticks are the same as the Joy-Con’s”

    1. Yeah, this is terrible design if it still the same, this issue should of been fixed, or don’t release the lite version till this problem gets fixed, but now they have two issues to worry about.

      Switch games are great but the hardware and the need to buy multiple things outside of the console is a bummer on the price, thanks to the lack luster memory, I have to spend money to get a 256 GB microSD card on top of it, and for protection, I have to buy a screen protector and a case for it. Nintendo knows how to make money by making your spend more and more if you want a secured switch.

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          Unfortunately this is true. Without a LAN Adapter some online games are unplayable

  1. As a potential possible Switch lite owner in a couple weeks, I definitely find this concerning. So long as Nintendo handles issues that arise no matter the warranty status, it’s not so big a deal.

    It’s more concerning however that Ninty wouldn’t nip this in the bud before it takes off as a major problem for the Switches life span.

    1. I’d say it’s more along the lines of by the time enough people started to complain about the drifting issue, it was already too late to fix it for the Switch Lite. After all, they do have release deadlines to make and the Switch Lite was most likely on such a deadline.

  2. This isn’t entirely accurate, is it? I’m pretty sure Spawn Wave said they *look* the same, but that he doesn’t know if the materials and everything are still the same, so they *could* be more durable. Though that was in his (New) Switch tear down iirc. And the free Joy Con fixing does not apply to all regions, but is mainly a US thing, isn’t it?

  3. I think it’s a case of time will tell.
    Surely Nintendo aren’t that silly and a delay would of been inevitable, I picked up a lite and it’s a lovely piece of hardware.

  4. All Nintendo needed (and need) to do is say that they’ve made an improvement to the design of the sticks so they won’t drift. Thing is, Nintendo won’t say that, because it means implying that there was a problem with the original Joy-Con (which there definitely was – indeed, there may still be, I don’t know). So, it’s a waiting game. I’d say if it’s exactly the same we’ll already know a couple of months from now – some drift issues showed up pretty quickly with the originals.

  5. Clickbait article written by idiots who don’t know anything about the subject matter! As Spawn Wave pointed out, they might have indeed fixed the drift problem, by changing the formula of the carbon film. Just because the design of the joycons is the same, doesn’t mean the drifting problem still remains.

  6. I’ve been watching spawn wave for a while, he said they look similar to the Analog Sticks in the new Joy-Con, which are different from the ones found in the launch switch that where having the drifting problem. You can even see as over time thay increased the part number by one letter.

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