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Mario & Luigi RPG developer AlphaDream has now filed for bankruptcy


AlphaDream, the development studio behind the beloved Mario & Luigi RPG series, has sadly entered bankruptcy. Proceedings are currently taking place at Tokyo District Court. The studio simply had too many debts which has led to this unfortunate predicament. Debts were as high as ¥465m ($4.3m) by March 2018.

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17 thoughts on “Mario & Luigi RPG developer AlphaDream has now filed for bankruptcy”

  1. Oh sad news! I really liked their games although there have probably been too many Mario and Luigi games in the last few years. I imagine a lot of the staff will be offered jobs at Nintendo as I’m sure they’d like to keep the series going

  2. I’m sorry for the people that lost their job, maybe Nintendo will have something for them.
    But I want to say that no one asked for those last M&L games, and people wanted those for the Switch. They/Nintendo should have taken notes from that.

    1. Even bringing those games to Switch would have had significant development costs. 3DS was cheaper so they banked on that.

      1. 1. Then they should just have not made them.
        2. People have been bragging about how easy it is to develop for Switch.
        3. Some thing are made for the dualscreen approach ofc, but those game didn’t need more than just UI and up-res for running on Switch.
        I just think the 3DS was a bad business move at that point in time. Even if it was more expensive to develop a 2D Mario & Luigi game for Switch, they probably would earn it back tenfolds.
        Yeah, 3DS had a larger userbase, but people had obviously grown tired from it and moved over to Switch.

  3. Talented developers there. Would be a bummer to see them to disband so to speak.
    Maybe Intelligent Systems could open their doors if it comes to that, there’s always Paper Mario after all.

  4. Noooooooo not againnnnnnn

    This same thing happened with Hudson Soft… They made awesome games, then went bankrupt, then Nintendo offered them all jobs under NDCube, and now they just make junk… MP9 was decent minus the car, but 10 was awful, and modular boards and the 10 coin stars ruin Super, which also should’ve had online for boards…

    Also they made Amiibo Festival and Pocket Camp (Pocket Camp I actually like certain aspects of, and the items are really nice, but it’s really not an Animal Crossing game. Villagers are just there for decoration and leveling up for leaf tickets and unlocks as opposed to characters you get attached to…)

    I’d love it if Nintendo had the AlphaDream devs join their studio that makes the paper mario games and goes on to make some really nice RPGs, I’m just worried because of what happened to Hudson Soft…

  5. Yay! Death to Mario&Luigi games! Now Paper Mario can go back to it’s RPG roots instead of stupid stickers & badges for getting stronger!

    As for AlphaDream’s employees, I’m not worried. Even though I haven’t really been into the M&L games as I felt they were the reason Paper Mario hasn’t been great since Super Paper Mario, they were pretty good at what they were doing with the Super Mario sub-franchise so I’m sure they’ll easily be able to find employment elsewhere. Hell! Go work at Monolith Soft since they are looking for more people!

    1. Mario & Luigi wasn’t the series that brought “stupid stickers & badges,” that was Paper Mario Sticker Star. Paper Mario (including Sticker Star and Color Splash) is developed by a different company than Mario & Luigi.

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