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Nintendo continues recruitment drive for Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2


Nintendo is currently looking for more personale to join them for the next game in The Legend of Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. Nintendo is currently looking to recruit a scenario planner and level designer on an initial three month trial period with contract renewal until the end of the project. The scenario planner position involves creating scenario, demo, event text creation and planning while the level designer is required to plan and implement game events, dungeons, field, and enemies. A release window has yet to be announced for the highly anticipated sequel to the Nintendo Switch launch title. You can apply here for the scenario planner and here for the level designer.


9 thoughts on “Nintendo continues recruitment drive for Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2”

    1. It’ll def be 2021 at the earliest, and I imagine they are very keen for that year as it matches pretty much the Zelda release schedule over the years.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if it coincides with a new piece of hardware and be available on the current switch and the next console like botw, tp.
      Can’t wait though.

      1. The Switch will only have been out 4 years by 2021. I doubt if they will decide to finish up with it then.
        Anyway, I don’t really mind waiting. There’s so many great games that have come out recently, and are coming out, so hopefully I’ll be done most of them before BOTW2 sidetracks me from all of them.

      2. I believe they are recycling the geometry of BotW1 or didn’t they say something like that when BotW2 got announced?
        Plus the Switch version of the game came out when it was probably already finalized for many months as it just got postboned in order to be a Switch launch game but was initially targeted to launch about a year earlier for WiiU.
        Meaning they probably had an additional year to at least start planning BotW2.

        I also don’t think that recruiting people is any sign for a project to be in a very early stage. Sure, it’s more common to hire people before you start, but noone knows the circumstances that lead to this. Maybe someone dropped out, maybe they came up with some concept that demand extra manpower. I’m still expecting at least a target of holiday 2020, also because that would be something to offer against Sony’s PS5.

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