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Sony: PlayStation is best-selling home video game console brand ever, gets a Guinness World Record



Sony and the Guinness World Records have announced that the PlayStation brand has been declared the best-selling home video game console brand of all-time beating both Nintendo and Microsoft. The company says that they have sold 450 million units sold across the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 as of the 7th November 2019.


29 thoughts on “Sony: PlayStation is best-selling home video game console brand ever, gets a Guinness World Record”

  1. ps1,2,3,4 offer me a library of 40+ triple AAA titles with top notch metric score ratings every generation like the Nes and Snes did in the late 80s and 90s. Since the N64 I usually have 8-11 games tops that are pure quality with the exception of the Gamecube that also had a great library on par with the Ps2 I gues altough a bit worse since ps4 had great games like final fantasy 10 and so on. Sure other games can be fun aswell but when comparing top notch games like Mario , Zelda , God of War , The Witcher , GTA and many many others , Sony beats Nintendo easily when it comes to a great library. I’m sure someone won’t agree with me but I grew up on the Gameboy , Nes , Snes , N64 , Gameboy Advance , Nintendo DS ect. and after that Snes I always have way more high quality games on the playstation. PS1 was very simular to the Snes because it had allot of quality franchises like Castlevania , Mega man , Final Fantasy and pretty all the great third party that made the Snes one of the best if not the best console in history closely followed by the PS1

    Just google for various top 100 lists for various consoles they will speak for themselfs. Weather you like those games or not you can’t deny the quality. I don’t care about cars what so ever but can admit that Gran Turismo is a great game for example , although i will never buy or play it.

    1. “Weather you like those games or not you can’t deny the quality.”

      Not sure why anyone would make this claim, as there isn’t even an agreed upon standard for what constitutes quality in a video game outside of functioning without glitches. I, for example, place an extremely high importance on useful and relevant decisions being made by the player, rather than the player simply reacting with a pre-determined correct button press to an incoming attack. By that standard, the overwhelming majority of your example, Gran Turismo’s content is meaningless filler. The design space for meaningfully differentiated car stats for use in a racing game is capped at maybe 20 at most. So by my measuring stick, the entire primary selling point of Gran Turismo, its encyclopedic car variety, is low quality game design. It’s subjectively fun for car enthusiasts, sure, but not because of the *game*. Just because it has lots of familiar pictures in it.

      Now I don’t want to pick an argument over Gran Turismo or Playstation. I quite enjoy both. It just strikes me as bizarre that you would claim that the quality of Playstation’s library is beyond questioning. By my measuring stick, the average AAA game in the entire industry this gen is not doing very well. My measuring stick isn’t the only competing stick. There are an infinite number of competing measuring sticks. How could you possibly expect yours to somehow be universal?

      1. Saying “Weather you like those games or not you can’t deny the quality.” is a distinction between your personal tastes and and objective quality. A distinction that you are clearly unable to make. Remember just because you like something that doesnt mean it’s good, and just because you hate something doesn’t mean its bad.

      2. @Bryan Mo

        “Saying “Weather you like those games or not you can’t deny the quality.” is a distinction between your personal tastes and and objective quality. ”

        Obviously. The problem here is there is no agreed upon system of measurement of the quality of a video game, as I point out in my first sentence.

        “A distinction that you are clearly unable to make.”

        So you were too lazy to read my post then? Because I specifically critique Gran Turismo on a qualitative scale before explicitly stating that I enjoy the game in spite of evaluating it as being low quality. You should probably bother to read a post before insulting the poster’s capacity to understand the topic.

        Perhaps if I change the topic things will be more clear?

        Movies. There are well made movies, and poorly made movies, yes? Everyone agrees to the premise?

        Ok. So what is your universally recognized scale for determining which ones are good and which ones are bad that no one will deny or question? What is more important, pacing or lighting? Which weighs more heavily on the overall quality, script coherency or special effect quality? All of these are questions of value. If a movie has great lighting, but bad pacing, is it a good or bad movie? Obviously it depends on the standards of the person making the scale, and there is no universally agreed upon scale. So if I say “Star Wars The Last Jedi” was a high quality movie, and whether you liked it or not “you can’t deny the quality”, what exactly is it that I mean? What traits am I saying are high quality? Without qualifying the statement, it is meaningless. That’s just a statement about one movie. The poster I was responding to made that statement about dozens, arguably hundreds of games. How on earth could they *possibly* expect no one to “deny” a statement they make without adequate definition or justification? It is just presented as self-evident, based on how they feel. If someone came along and made the exact opposite statement, “whether your enjoy them or not, you can’t deny that playstation games are of low quality”, they would be making exactly as strong of a case because the OP didn’t really make a case at all, yet somehow expects his non-case to be beyond disagreement.

        Now if you want to respond, would you please do me the favor of actually reading this post before accusing me of doing things I clearly and objectively did not do?

    2. How are they measuring this exactly? Is “Sony” the brand, or is “Playstation” the brand? Because if it is “Playstation” then Sony is winning this award by default, as no other company has given every single console produced the same branding. Nintendo has only ever had at most two consoles in a row under similar branding.

      1. I would assume it is the PlayStation brand so you have a point actually. I’ve never bought a PlayStation product in my life and have never felt the need or desire to but I have to give it to them for coming in and becoming the most popular for the last 20 years.

        1. Kudos to Sony for making such a popular line of products. It just seems that you could tailor this award to where you want it to go based on how you define things. How are they defining console for example? Are Steam machines consoles? If not, why not? If they are, are we suddenly comparing PC sales? It may not effect the results, but would the Virtual Boy count as a home console? I can plug my PSP into a tv with a basic RCA cable just like I can a Playstation 1, so why specifically does it not count as a “console”?

      2. First Xbox One was No.1 games console over Black Friday, and now this. It’s official, this world is corrupt. I blame the lackluster Super smash bros ultimate. If Sakurai kept Fire Mario, not put in worst Zelda, gave Mega Man a voice, kept the transformation final smashes (except Mega Charizard X), didn’t waste character slots on Piranha Plant, Joker, Banjo & Kazooie, Terry, and maybe Dark Samus, and put in real characters like Waluigi, Toad, Mona from Warioware, another Starfox rep, another Mega Man rep, and maybe Shantae, the Switch might have stood a chance.

      3. Why wont Rare and Microsoft gather the orginal Banjo-Kazzoie team and make a Threeie. Am I the only one that sees commonsense in where the revenue is? If they ever want to stop following Sony and take the lead then why cant they just make it? Help me understand this: so when Rare and Microsoft saw the reaction in Bajo-Kazooie and receiving tons of revenue from the DLC character, why didnt they immediately start regrouping the orginal team and make a new Banjo-kazooie game?

          1. And just because they own it doesnt mean that they cant make Banjo-kazooie for Rareware and Microsoft.

            RareWare worked with DK yet is still owned by Nintendo. So that weak excuse doesnt mean nothing. Another company is working on Metroid with Nintendo. After Meteoid is done expect a 8 year break before they make anyothe one.

        1. respect man, they did quite a good job. Not always that good, but we all went through highs and lows. They established quite a solid brand there and I believe it’s OK to respect that. I mean … even if you guys don’t, I don’t believe the holder of a guiness book record for the most sold consoles will give a sh*t lol

        2. If they are indeed going by the brand name of the home consoles & not brand name of the company that owns said home consoles, this award definitely went to Sony PlayStation by default. If this award went to Sony because of the company’s brand name & not the PlayStation brand specifically, Sony is lucky this is for home consoles specifically. If they went by the company’s brand name & we were going by ALL dedicated video game systems, Nintendo would have obliterated Sony. Over 700m systems sold trumps over 500m systems sold. Now where is Nintendo’s Guinness World Record for that accomplishment?

          1. Sometimes I wonder who commenters really are talking to. I mean do you expect Sony or Guiness to read this comment and change the books? I mean sure, we can comment on stuff, but complaining about the things companies are doing as if this would be some corporate help section makes no sense.
            This record clearly is about sold units of that brand and even if it would be about home consoles, it would still be the same result. Of course you can add whatever you want, Nintendo also sold Game&Watch and even playing cards and Microsoft sells operating systems, tablets and many other things. But this is about home consoles. It’s not that complex.

        3. Aren’t all consoles from nintendo basically branded Nintendo … ? So aren’t they technically the winners? Nintendo gamecube, nintendo 64, nintendo entertainment system, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo WiiU

          1. If this was for all systems, Nintendo would win no doubt but this is for home consoles specifically. The Sony PlayStation brand has 3 systems that crossed the 100m mark (PS1, PS2 & PS4) where as Nintendo only has one system (so far) to cross 100m (Wii.) The other home consoles have sales all over the place. NES is at around 60m, SNES is around 49m, Gamecube only sold around 22m, & Wii U only sold around 13m. So Sony’s home consoles have Nintendo’s home consoles beat at this current time.

        4. Dingpot Dingpot on the wall, who has the greatest console of all?

          Dingpot: While Nintendo takes my breath away Playstation always has power to display.

          Gruntilda: Why you talk you silly pot choose Nintendo or wash the lot.

          Dingpot: but there’s is the console I love to hear the one aimed at power is the one to fear

          Gruntilda: Nintendo has things that sony must see, known for copying in order to be.

          Dingpot: yes Grunty I know they copy but at least they aim for power and not sloppy.

          Gruntilda : why you rusty pot, I’m say one more thing and I’ll have …..

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