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UK: Xbox One was No.1 games console over Black Friday narrowly beating Switch


The video game hardware results from the aftermath of the Black Friday sales show that the Nintendo Switch narrowly missed the No.1 position this year. It was Microsoft’s Xbox One family of systems which were the best-sellers with gamers and it was closely followed by the Nintendo Switch and after that Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The Neon Nintendo Switch with improved battery life was the best-selling Switch system and it seems like it beat the Switch Lite which was retailing for £179.99. Nintendo was No.1 in terms of gaming revenue during the sales, but simply didn’t shift as many consoles as the Xbox family.



  1. Will if you made sequels immediately then Switch would had took over. But you prefer to make a game and not start on a sequel until nearly a decade later. That means by the time it is finished and release is about 13 year wait process. What’s the Status on Starfox again? I thought so.

  2. I hate Black Friday being “celebrated” outside North America. Just goes to show what a grip the US has over all of western culture.

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