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Pokemon Masters – Mewtwo and Giovanni debut in Lurking Shadow event

The Legendary Pokémon Mewtwo and Giovanni are now available to battle and add as a sync pair in Pokémon Masters today. This duo will be featured in an in-game event titled “Lurking Shadow,” which will be available from now until December 18 at 9:59PM Pacific time, where players can earn rewards while also gaining more insight into their arrival on the island of Pasio and their relationship with Team Break, the primary antagonists of the game.

Additional content updates include Grimsley & Liepard sync pair Spotlight Scout through December 18th and the player level cap increase to 120.


Source: The Pokemon Company


  1. You need to collect 800 of those items, yet you only get 1 or 2 per battle (plus a small daily bonus) so you have to play at least about 400 times to get the first reward ? Do they think I have no life ? Lol

    1. You get 20 per hard co-op battle, about 30ish per very hard co-op battle, with both having multiplier bonuses once per day during the course of the event. Keep playing the story mode if you haven’t unlocked co-op yet, as that’s how it’s unlocked, and you’ll miss out on almost all event voucher rewards without it.

  2. really wasnt that hard, just autoed throught very hard through the day and got mewtwo, now currently upgrading him

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