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Most popular Christmas toy by State shows Switch leading in California, Texas, Utah, Nevada and DC

Website has published a data map of the most-wanted Christmas toys in the United States by state. While it’s obviously not 100% accurate it does make for an interesting read and shows that Nintendo should certainly have a good Christmas 2019. Their current system, the Nintendo Switch, is ranked as the most popular Christmas toy of 2019 in the following states:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington, DC (we know it’s not technically a state, but it’s a state in our hearts)

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  1. Noone in California has kids or has even seen one before so game consoles win by default because adults want them too.

    If you abandon a baby in California, noone would respond to it crying because they don’t recognize that sound and what it means. At most they’d just look up from their screen, wonder what that noise is for a second and shrug it off as someone thinking about the 2016 election and continue on their triggered way, stepping over homeless people and playing Russian roulette with traffic as their face is sucked into their handheld blackhole screeching to them about how tragic it is that people didn’t enjoy Ghostbusters 2016.

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