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Rumour: Metroid Prime 4’s environment work could be outsourced to another company

We had some shocking news at the start of 2019 stating that Metroid Prime 4‘s development was being completely restarted. The concept and ideas the team at Bandai Namco had been working on for quite some time had been canned and the project started afresh. It now appears as though Nintendo could be speeding up development of Retro Studio’s game by outsourcing the environment work to another developer, which is quite common. This news was discovered by YouTuber Doctre81 via a job posting.


27 thoughts on “Rumour: Metroid Prime 4’s environment work could be outsourced to another company”

  1. It seems like they are rushing the development like they did with other games like Mario Tennis ultra smash. I hope Metroid Prime 4 be a dream game that all wanted to play and enjoy.

    1. How long do you feel should be spent on a game? A lot of the pre production work was already done prior to Retro being given this project as they had pitched their ideas for Metroid before it was given to Bandai Namco. This is a huge part of any game like this so they were already ahead once they took over. I think the game will come out early next year which means there will have been around 2 years of solid work, as well as help from other studios, put into the game which seems like enough to me. Only time will tell but there is no point is saying a game is being rushed when it has not even been seen and there is nothing to be judged.

      1. I’m not trying to judged anything, i just think that Nintendo is pushing Retro Studios games and trying to rush the development time. Beside’s Nintendo rush one of the games before and some of them don’t have CGI opening or something.

      2. Ultra Smash and Aces are basically the same game with an adventure mode. Look at the 3D models and animations, they’re identical.

      3. I just don’t understand why nintendo is even bothering to make this game at this point? I mean, if they were serious about promoting metroid and making the brand bigger and better, they’d of released a Metroid Prime Trilogy Switch by now instead of leaving metroid fans in the dark pretty much (besides the whole cancellation video we’ve gotten nothing metroid related at all, no other games or anything).

        Metroid as a brand needs to grow massively or else the infamous “metroid curse” of having a very small target audience will forever haunt it. Look at Hollow Knight and what it did with it’s sense of discovery, challenge, hand holding, etc… and try to match and exceed that.

        1. It’d be nonsensical to release the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Switch now instead of closer to the release of Prime 4. There’s much more to be gained to have these titles release at the same time.

          Metroid doesn’t necessarily need to grow. For all I care, it can stay niche. I wouldn’t want it to pander to broader audiences. As long as quality stays the same, I’m OK with them releasing games only every 5 years or so.

          1. I think most fans like me would rather have a new good game to look forward to every 2-3 years like nintendo’s other series (e.g. kirby, zelda, fire emblem, etc..) than waiting for half a decade just for one new game…that might not even be that good to begin with bare in mind.

            There’s also a difference between dumbing something down and making something more accessible through depth of challenge. Why is hollow knight so popular when NES metroid isn’t? Because that game doesn’t give you many options to overcome its many challenges.

          2. Yeah I’d have to agree with these guys. I much prefer Quality over Quantity with metroid. If the franchise grows bigger, we may have to deal with quantity over quality, cringy/toxic fanbases, movies, publicizatioin, Nintendo making major changes to the series so it can appeal to more people. The newer generation of kids all love games like fornite, apex, Moba’s, Battle Royales, \etc, none of them care about metroid’s plot. If Nintendo actually wanted to make a lot of money off of Metroid, they wouldn’t be making Prime 4 at all, they’d change everything or reboot the series so it can appeal to the newer generations. Of course Prime 4 might get some new fan’s interest, but Nintendo wouldn’t make a 10+ year awaited sequel for a game that doesn’t have a big audience or amazing sales, with the hopes of it making a lot of proft. In terms of making proft or promoting the game, they’re only options would be to reboot the series or just drop it like they did F-Zero. But instead of either of those, they’re giving us a long awaited sequel, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a big audience. They’re making this game as a testament for keeping us waiting for 10+ Years, that’s the point of this. My only hope is they really take their time with this. I don’t care how long I have to wait, Metroid is a fine wine and that needs to age before you can enjoy it’s full potential. We’ve waited 12 Years now, and instead of rebooting/changing the series or abandoning it, Nintendo actually gave us this sequel when they know full well it’s not gonna have a huge audience or amazing sales. I can wait a few more years for a perfect sequel.

          3. Well my release date for this game is probably gonna be 2021 for Metroid Prime 4. Beside’s developing a game takes two to 3 years to be finish. I know Nintendo wants to continue remakes like they did with Metroid Samus Returns remake for the 3DS. I mean, hey this game will get a title later on instead of being called Metroid Prime 4. if the audiences want the game to be a true Metroid game, then why the game have a good gameplay experiences and possibly a WI-FI co-op

            I know Metroid Prime Federation Force doesn’t go well as some people expected, but I fear that some fans will leave the series behind instead of going back to how it was before since the Prime series started.

          4. Not too long ago did they release Samus Returns which is a remake. Constantly rehashing old games in the form of ports and remakes isn’t a good look on the brand either.

            One comment from another user was how the Switch is basically a remake/port dumpster. Honestly I couldn’t argue with him.

        2. I suppose the more people and companies they have working on a game the better. Retro over all the years must have worked on a lot of ideas for this game.
          The comments above: no way will this game be released early next year or at all next year and I do strongly believe the prime trilogy will come first, but I imagine they would like to release these games when they know prime 4 is only a year off.

          1. I agree that this game won’t be released anytime soon, let alone next year (if you check out “Arlo’s” video on retro studio’s it gets very worrying what exactly is going on with them). As for the prime trilogy, I’m just frustrated that nintendo isn’t explaining whats going on with why they’re not making more metroid games in general.

            Though I have a theory that because samus returns apparently didn’t sell a million copies that nintendo viewed it as a failure. It is vgchartz though so take it with a massive grain of salt, but I couldn’t find anything else as nintendo didn’t release sales data on the game, which is a bad sign in of itself.

            As for why nintendo doesn’t just come out and say “hey we’re not giving you guys more games because not enough people buy them” it’d look bad for them PR wise, much like when capcom canceled megaman legends 3 and blamed the fans.

        3. Honestly, this sounds like great news! I suppose it COULD be taken as a sign that the game might be being rushed, but… I don’t think that’s the case. Asking another company to work on the environments means that Retro Studios won’t have to worry about balancing that aspect with other elements of the game during development. If they want to focus on gameplay or other aspects, not having to focus on creating details of the world around Samus will give them a lot of room to do so! Not only that, but if an entire separate company is working on solely the environments, that means there’s a good chance the environments Samus will encounter will be far more detailed and well done than if it was left solely to Retro Studios, among everything else.

          Best case scenario is that they want to have detailed environments that surpass the previous games in the series, but don’t want to lengthen development or cut corners to make that happen, so outsourcing the work to another company fixes that. Worse case scenario, which we currently have no proof for or reason to believe, is that they want to rush the game.

          1. π‘΅π’Šπ’π’•π’†π’π’…π’ π‘­π’Šπ’“π’”π’• 𝑢𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓

            The port of DKCTF on Switch

            1. But just what have they been up to after tropical freeze wii u. I know they ported tf to switch and officially started on prime 4 a year ago, but there’s so much time in between particularly from tf wii u

              1. π‘΅π’Šπ’π’•π’†π’π’…π’ π‘­π’Šπ’“π’”π’• 𝑢𝒓𝒅𝒆𝒓 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒗𝒆𝒓

                Arlo did a research on what Retro Studios worked. It seems they were actually developing that Star Fox Grand Prix game but later in 2018 they scrapped the idea.

              2. Yeah i figure they scrapped Star Fox Grand Prix in 2018 because they can’t even develop a true Star Fox game.

                the best Star Fox game that i love and enjoy was Star Fox Assault.

            2. Not a problem. Retro has always maintained quality control over their products. The job posting was to ensure just that, but who knows if it is even Metroid Prime 4. I am sure development of MP4 is running smoother than most think and Retro and Nintendo can’t wait to show us what they have been working on!

            3. Should had started the game immediately after it was released on Wii. They worked on the game Immediately after it came on the Gamecube. So they they stop ?

            4. I know this is a late post, but I recently read an article where one of the developers was interviewed. They mentioned that the game is going well after they hired the original team to work on the game again. I believe that was the best choice they did. It’s been several months now since we’ve actually got any news directly from Nintendo. Hopefully E3 has something but with the way the CORONAVIRUS is affecting events who knows if we will even have one.

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