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Nintendo mobile games have reached $1 billion in lifetime player spending

Nintendo has released an array of titles on mobile platforms from the new IP Dragalia Lost to fan favourites like Mario Kart. Sensor Tower intelligence states that the company’s lineup of mobile games have now reached $1 billion in lifetime player spending with the clear leader of the bunch being Fire Emblem Heroes. The company has proved to be most successful in Japan where smartphone gaming is the norm and the United States is second.

  • Nintendo’s six mobile games have generated more than $1 billion in lifetime revenue from global player spending on the App Store and Google Play, and have amassed a combined 452 million downloads worldwide
  • The majority ($656 million, 61%) has come from Fire Emblem Heroes. The next two highest-grossing titles are Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (12%) and Dragalia Lost (11%).
  • Mario games have surprisingly contributed smaller shares of overall revenue, with Mario Kart Tour, Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World being responsible for 8%, 7% and 1% of the revenue, respectively.
  • Nintendo is most successful in Japan ($581 million, 54%), the U.S. has come in second with $316 million (29%). Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run skews more towards the U.S., however.
  • The revenue distribution is a stark contrast to the downloads share; Super Mario Run is #1 with 244 million downloads (or 54% of all Nintendo mobile game downloads), Mario Kart Tour’s 147 million installs represents 32%. Fire Emblem Heroes only accounts for 4% of the total.

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4 thoughts on “Nintendo mobile games have reached $1 billion in lifetime player spending”

  1. Hmmm…. i dont play FEH but im wondering what people spend in the game, the install base is so small but the make so much money.

    okay can someone tells me if 1 billion is a lot of money for 6 games?
    what does nintendo get with a switch game?
    if they sales 30 Million mario kart 8 deluxe, the get 1.5 billion but the need more time to do a switch game than a mobile game or im wrong?

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