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Nintendo has shifted 52.48 million Switch consoles worldwide

Nintendo has released its latest financial results and they are impressive. The Kyoto-based company has now shifted a healthy 52.48 million Nintendo Switch consoles worldwide. They had a great Christmas period on the back of Pokemon Sword & Shield and sold 10.81 million units during the October to December period. Nintendo predicts that it will sell a further 19.5 million Switch units in the twelve-months period, this is up by 1.5 million.



  1. More suckers made every day through buying cheaply made hardware. If Iwata didn’t die, it would have actually been made properly.

    1. Nintendo’s big success is that they corrected their target demographic to where it should have been all along.

      Almost no one I knew around my age (college age) had a Wii U; whereas, the Switch has become a huge hit at universities especially, and almost everyone I talk to at mine seems to have one (granted, I mostly talk to Computer Science majors)

      Even personally, not many of my friends may have a Switch, but they definitely know what it is (and some also want one eventually)

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