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Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a monthly paid subscription service called “Feh Pass”

A new Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel presentation has revealed a big change coming to the game. A monthly subscription service is coming soon, called a “Feh Pass”. It will cost $9.49/€11,49/£9.99/$15.49 a month. Those who subscribe can get 2 heroes a month, that are being called Resplendent Heroes. These characters are similar to the heroes that have been getting added, but they have +2 to all their stats and outfits from different kingdoms of the Fire Emblem universe. Lyn, with the garb of the Kingdom of Nifl and Cordelia, will be one of the first two Resplendent Heroes. Every Lyn: Lady of the Plains unit and Cordelia: Knight Paragon you have will be able to wear this outfit.

Other Feh Pass benefits include Special Feh Pass Quests that will be available twice every month, an auto-start feature that allows you to repeat maps until you run out of stamina, a re-act feature that lets you return to the beginning of the last turn or the current turn, and some expanded Summoner Support for 2 more units. Nintendo‘s Fire Emblem Heroes Feh Channel presentation video can be seen down below. If you only want to hear the Feh Pass info, that segment begins at the 11:46 mark of the video.

15 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes is getting a monthly paid subscription service called “Feh Pass””

  1. They ruined it! FEH was already fair and balanced when it came to its free to play elements. It was one of the best gacha-styled games I’ve ever seen.

    This coming out shortly after the details of Pokemon Home has me worried for the future of Nintendo. I wonder if all of this is the new president’s doing.

    1. Kimishima started it, the greedy shit. He’s also why the Switch is a piece of garbage too. Shuntaro just shuns the problems he started. They’re like Wario and Waluigi. Greedy, bad, and hopefully for Shuntaro, forgotten.


  2. Certain countries in Europe ban this app, because it’s gambling.

    So do you think that this pass can by pass the gambling laws now ?

    Like they just have to disable the orb store in these countries and only allow pass

    This would be fair for the people who build and grind daily and want their game/account back unbanned from the store.

    I stepped in dog poop, today.

  3. What’s with most of nintendo apps adding subscriptions this probably isn’t a good idea considering FEH is one of their of most successful app, microtransaction games are already an issue people don’t like about games but putting subscription service (espcially monthly) in the same game is like adding more salt into a womb, won’t be surprise if sales decline in the next investor meeting

    1. You would think so, but the FE segment is mostly mid twenties with work and no kids, so it’s a lot of buying power there. I’m afraid this will work quite well for Nintendo.

  4. Nintendo once stated that FE consumers was mid twenty persons without kids, so they had a lot to spend. I see Nintendo is trying to empty those pockets so they never can establish a family.

  5. I’d rather pay 60 bucks a year on my Nintendo Account & get all of these subscriptions for “free.” With Amazon Prime, you get limited access to all of their digital offerings like video, music, & Kindle. I’d totally take something similar. Like with PokeHome, if you got a paid Nintendo Account, you at least get access to PokeHome’s storage system; if you want the other features of PokeHome, you’ll have to buy the subscription.

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