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Platinum 4 is four projects, first one is The Wonderful 101 Remastered up now on Kickstarter

Platinum Games has confirmed this evening that the teaser site they launched earlier today is for four projects which are in the works at the company. The first of these is a remastered version of The Wonderful 101. As previously reported the game is now up on Kickstarter and its 50K for the Nintendo Switch port with stretch goals given for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The game launches this April.

  • $50k for the Nintendo Switch version
  • $250k for the Steam version
  • $500k for the PlayStation 4 version
  • $1 million for Time Attack mode
  • $1.5 million Luka’s First Mission – a new 2D side scrolling adventure staring a young hero.

Thanks to smaa6786 for the news tip!

36 thoughts on “Platinum 4 is four projects, first one is The Wonderful 101 Remastered up now on Kickstarter”

    1. I’m still mad about giving 60 dollars to Inafune for a 3DS game that probably will never exist, so I don’t blame you.

  1. Tsk.. this news was going great until you mentioned ‘Kickstarter’. Say what you want about it, and the many many projects that turned out to go just OK on that platform, but when it comes to GAMING, it just leaves a horrible taste in the backers’ mouth. So I’ll just wish luck for both sides: for the devs to get the necessary amount and for the backers to get exactly what they are backing, in due time.

          1. Platinum didn’t buy the IP. They reached the deal with Nintendo to allow them to self publish this title on multiple platforms.

            1. That was a rumor. When asked specifically if they had bought the IP in a VGC interview, Platinum’s Inaba did not comment, and neither interview they’ve done on the subject has them say they bought the IP. Nintendo almost certainly still owns the IP and all of their words indicate they merely reached and agreement with Nintendo to publish the game themselves. See here:

          2. Don’t really get it tbh, it was an ok game but even in the unbelievable dearth of Wii U software it didn’t stand out. It had fiddly controls and I didn’t particularly love the art style but it had a good sense of humour. I know there are some fans so they’ll get some enjoyment out of it but definitely not a game that I was hoping would get a Switch port.

              1. Platinum didn’t buy the IP. They struck a deal with Nintendo allowing them to self publish the game. Platinum have refused to comment on the IP situation, all but confirming that Nintendo still own the IP.

            1. Wait wait wait

              Let me get this right Nintendo is allowing their IP to go to PS4 but Rare wont allow Banjo-kazooie to go to Nintendo.

              Why didnt they negotiate this with Microsoft and be like give us an IP Banjo-kazooie for W101. What exactly is Nintendo benefiting giving an IP to Sony?

              1. Nintendo didn’t give the IP to anyone, they are allowing Platinum to publish the game themselves on multiple platforms. By Platinum’s own words, Nintendo were only willing to publish the game for Switch, but would allow Platinum to release the on other platforms, but only if they published it themselves. Nintendo has not sold the IP, nor has Platinum indicated such.

              2. I love how one of the rewards for the higher pledges is “Get blocked on Twitter by Kamiya”, that is hilarious.

                It’s impressive how it’s already reached over $825,000. I guess people really do want this.

              3. This game was glitchy but great on WiiU and as of 1051 PM EST, they’re at 860k, so its definitely coming to Switch, like, 17x over in fact. Will be good to see this spiritual successor to Viewtiful Joe (in many ways) reach a bigger audience.

              4. I mean I like the game and its cool to see a remaster, but as a Nintenyearold, this kind of upsets me that they bought the rights to the series from Nintendo. This means Wonderful 101 essential got Banjo’d/RareWare’d and is no longer a Nintendo franchise. This happens so rarely, if ever, so I dont think many get the impact of this yet, but imagine if Nintendo sold off the rights to a under-the-radar IP like Pilotwings or Golden Sun or Eternal Darkness. It just doesn’t feel right for Nintendo to do that. It may not be as big an impact as with the Rare properties, but its still disappointing to see Nintendo “sell off one of its children.” I personally would have rather the game just stay a Wii U exclusive that people will look back on with fondness down the road, over it leaving the Nintendo umbrella.

                1. Once again, they didn’t buy the rights to the series. Platinum has said nothing of the kind. They merely reached an agreement with Nintendo to self-publish the game. Platinum have specifically refused to comment on the rights situation and have never indicated that they bought the IP.

              5. Too bad Platinum 4 is not a Pikmin 4 reference. Still though, I wonder what the other 3 games will be.
                Oh, and I’m definitely getting The Wonderful 101.

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