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A Cuphead Spirit event is coming to Smash Ultimate

Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate collaboration with Cuphead is not over yet. The company has announced on Twitter that there will be a five-day Cuphead spirit event called “Ready? Wallop!”, and it begins on February 14th. According to Nintendo, “four new spirits from Cuphead will be pottering about on the Spirit Board”. You can see an official tweet from Nintendo for yourself down below.

Thanks to The Man of Brisk for the tip!


  1. So I’m just going to drop my totally implausible never going to happen Smash character request right here, right now.

    Kaizo Mario.

    Neutral B: Fireball. Like normal Mario’s fireball, but while it deals less damage, its rate of fire is governed mostly by number of shots on screen. This can lead to fast rapid fire damage at short range.

    Forward B: Shell toss. Throws a koopa shell which behaves like, but deals less damage and knockback than the item. When Kaizo Mario throws the shell against a wall and it bounces back, he can jump on it giving him a great deal of vertical bounce. A Shell jump.

    Down B: Place Kaizo block. Google it if you don’t know the term. Kaizo block can be placed in any empty space, but deals no damage. Merely triggers a block if hit from beneath. Block disappears 3 seconds after being activated or if Mario places it in a new location. Obvious ideal spot near ledges.

    Up B. Abandon Yoshi. Yoshi suddenly appears underneath Mario, who immediately abandons his dinosaur pal to plummet to its death as Mario uses it to gain an extra jump, a la SMW.

    Ultimate attack: Soft Lock. Short range. Whiff on block or dodge. Initiates cutscene where Kaizo Mario tricks opponent into standing in a small recessed area, only to discover when they try and jump out, blocks appear. Other player is stuck with no options. They immediately appear bored, and look at their watch. End cutscene, they lose a stock.

        1. Because it’s still MARIO (the same italian plumber who collects coins and rescues Peach from Bowser).

          Pichu isn’t Pikachu, it’s A Pichu (a pokemon that many trainers own). Lucina isn’t Marth (a character who’s been dead for millenias), she just honors him. Dark Pit isn’t Pit himself (despite being created from a mirror, but can coexist in the same location to rival him. We’ll get back to you on Samus/Zero Suit Samus (who used to be a final smash).

          But there’s only one Super Mario. And there are more enough reasons for Dr. Mario to be an echo fighter, rather than continue to be a standalone character.

          Also, why would Sakurai acknowledge a version of Mario associated with unofficial rom hacks, especially in the form of official paid content.

  2. I’m a little surprised a spirit for Cagney Carnation isn’t one of them, considering his theme Floral Fury is in the game. It could have been on Gaur Plain (Battlefield Form) with a giant yellow Piranha Plant with the floor being lava to simulate his battle in Cuphead.

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