Sonic the Hedgehog movie has a score of 44 on Metacritic (Now 46)


Reviews of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie started rolling in last night and let’s just say the majority aren’t particularly favourable. If you have been checking Metacritic to keep track of the review you will see it currently has a Metascore of 44 with 23 critic reviews up online. It was never going to win an Oscar but it’s sad to see that score given the team’s commitment to redesign the character model etc. The Sonic the Hedgehog movie launches on Friday, which is of course, Valentine’s Day.



  1. These kind of things are becoming less reliable. This was never going to be a hit with critics unless maybe they had stuffed it with some kind of political message. I’m sure it’ll be fine for what it is.

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  2. And yet these same critics probably heap praises upon praises on Disney despite all them doing is remaking everything they’ve ever done and none of them are on par with the original animations. I can’t take bigwig reviews seriously anymore.

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    1. Disney still have a great animation side that continue to fill a gap no one else really does and produce timeless, quality films that will be cherished for generations to come. Meanwhile, phoned in garbage like this where stick beloved character into real world, watch as predictable and unfunny goofs and gaffes occur, and make sure you’re *just* edgy enough to get a PG – this stuff felt somewhat dated, cheesy and desperate back when they did it in Space Jam, my God does it look a whole lot worse now. Thank goodness Sonic is a character that has been thoroughly ruined by over a decade of awful content or I might feel sad about it!

      I’m not going to deride anyone for enjoying this, but come on, it’s unreasonable to expect critics to tolerate it.


      1. The only thing Disney has continued to do is butcher their animated classics with live action remakes that no one asked for. Have you *seen* any of the ones from the past year alone? Dumbo was dark- I saw parents have to leave early because it was too much for their kids- and overall a big mess, Aladdin screwed up Jafar and made him act like an angsty teenager instead of the cunning and calculating manipulator he was in the original and Will Smith will NEVER be a better Genie than Robin Williams (they should’ve put a bullet in the project the moment we lost him), and Lion King’s realistic direction destroyed any emotion there would have been. I knew the scene where Scar kills Mufasa would look really bad, but I didn’t expect to *laugh* at how bad it looked; Simba just looks like a meowing kitten when he sees his dad die. Also Beyonce is NOT a good actress/voice actress; her portrayal of Nala was terrible and I hated every line of dialogue she had. “Are you with me, lions?”

        …No, no we are not. Also those are lionesses- Simba and Scar are the only two lions present and we already know they’re gonna duke it out.

        I’m already hoping/betting on the live action Mulan to fail, but it won’t because the ignorant masses will just blindly continue to eat up whatever the greedy little rat craps out next.

        So yeah, when critics keep sucking Disney off and yet pan everything else, I cannot and will not take them seriously.

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  3. Critics: “Venom sucks, Justice league is crap, Lion King ruined my childhood, Aladdin is not Robin Williams”

    People: “But all of those were good movies…”

    Critics: “Nah Sonic isn’t Sonic enough 3/10 ”

    People, don’t trust critics, I’ve seen it, others have seen it and it’s good. Not perfect but it’s very good

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    1. Critics rate a movie on its merits and purpose; whereas, the typical moviegoer like me or you have different expectations (a “good” movie to me and many others is just one that’s enjoyable and satisfying)


  4. Ngl This novie just seems way too cheesy to me it’s like they took wacky stuff from the hop and thought everyone forgot about movie and just slap sonic in there, I`ll stick to watching the people who made the mania and tsr cartoon

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  5. Who in their right mind still trusts Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes scores anymore they haven’t been reliable sources for quite some time now.

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  6. Doesn’t surprise me in the least bit. Is there EVER a video game related movie that’s super good? Even Detective Pikachu was just, okay. But it would have been worlds better if it had been based solely on the game/anime series and not, well, Pikachu being a detective with a voice.

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    1. Lol, of course there’s never gonna be a good video game related movie. They abandon the game lore, fill it with crappy comedy that needs to be laughed at every 5 seconds, and then ruin it by adding modern music and themes to it. They only care about making money and making something that sells, something true to the games or comics won’t sell to people that don’t know or care about it so they have to fill it with comedy, music, new ideas, and make it as dramatic as possible because that’s what sells.


      1. WHAT? So changing the model didn’t make the shitty video game movies less shitty? How could this have happened?


  7. Really not surprised in the slightest. Again, another adaptation that’s not true to the comics or game lore, with cheesy over-used-forced comedy every 5 seconds, it was already setting itself up to fail. Not gonna spoil anything, but as another critic said “Jim Carry acts like a madman trapped in his own universe, not SEGA’s”. The movie makes references to the lore, but in no way does it follow or stay relevant to the lore, nor does it even try to at the least. If SEGA really thinks they can sell Sonic by abandoning every aspect of Sonic at the same time, then they’re digging their own grave lmao. It’s another one of those movies that are like, “If it was called Blue Hedgehog & Madman Scientist then it’d be good. But calling it Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s terrible.”


  8. Now even a single fucking day, and this site is ruining the movie for me in ARTICLE TITLES!

    I want to see this movie! Or else, what was it all for? The hype, the redesign, Valentine’s Day (an extremely pointless holiday outside of for-better-or-worse couples and kindergarten crushes), something actually Sonic after Team Sonic Racing!


  9. They slaughtered the last Rambo movie as well, and I found it quite entertaining for what it was. Metacritic is harsh against simple entertainment and are overpraising films with a deeper meaning. Nothing new.
    That said: I bet the movie is just okey, but I already have bought tickets to it x3

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  10. The reviews on YouTube and fan sites are really bringing up the fun it is to watch, artists and other content creators on social media are making really nice stuff inspired on the movie, and that is what matters most these days, I can’t wait to see this movie!

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  11. I think I take Metacritic movie scores with a grain of salt, because their analysis on movies doesn’t NEARLY feel as accurate as rottentomatoes.

    Those same review scores Metacritic says have a 40-ish rating on them are actually 3/5s, 2.5/4s, 6/10s Bs on RT (as well as their direct articles) so I don’t really trust Metacritic for anything outside of video games, and even on that regard I thought gamerankings was more accurate but since that site closed down I’m left with no other options.


  12. I hope me & my wife can go see this movie Saturday. The studio listened to people’s complaints of that awful Sonic design and changed it, so they’ve earned my money even if the rest of the movie is as bad as other video game movie adaptations.

    Most “professional” critics these days want movies, video games, etc to preach to the audience instead of entertain. The fact this studio listened to the feedback & changed that god forsaken Sonic the Manhog design instead of attacking people & calling them toxic manbabies (or some other shit) simply pissed these people off. If they don’t like it, there are plenty of other movies that do treat fans & customers like garbage they can go see instead.

    Even if this movie is mindless, stupid fun with very little lore from the games in it, it’s still better than the “if you don’t agree with our overbearing politics, you’re just a racist, misogynist, blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah, why don’t you worship us Hollywood elites, you filthy, disgusting peons!” mentality a lot of other movies & shit have tried to beat people over the head with. I’ll take the multiple crap video game movies like the Resident Evils & Bloodraynes or the Super Mario Bros The Movie or Doom of the world over any of today’s politically motivated “agree with us or you’re evil” bullshit.

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