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Platinum Games would like to release Project GG on Nintendo Switch


Platinum Games has been on a roll lately with a number of new projects and initiatives announced. One of them is Project GG which is the third game in the super hero trilogy which composes of Viewtiful Joe and The Wonderful 101. Given the trailer footage many were wondering whether the game would see the light of day on the Nintendo Switch. The company says they are aiming to release it on Nintendo latest platform but it all depends on when the actual game releases as that’s to be determined at present.

“Basically we’d like to hit PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam, and then of course PS5 and Series X are coming soon. We don’t know exactly when this will come out, but we’d like to release it on whatever are the main platforms at that time.”



15 thoughts on “Platinum Games would like to release Project GG on Nintendo Switch”

    1. If that wasn’t the biggest jump in logic i have ever seen. Company says they aim to put in on Switch -> i can see them turning into the next EA

      1. I blame My Nintendo News’s clickbait titles, honestly. From the looks of it, anyone can assume they won’t put it on Switch at first.

        As for me, I’m still not interested on this game. Also don’t like their insistence on pushing TW101 despite being a so-so game. But eh.

        1. How us this them “turning into ea” lol. There literally saying that there going to put the game on whatevers current at the time.

        1. How? All there saying is “we want the game to come out on whatever the current consoles are at the time of release ” how is that making someone beg?

      2. Deatstroke mercenary

        They have to port to the switch, in fact it’ has to be developed for all platforms meaning that by default it has to be optimized for the Switch.
        After all Nintendo has done for them, the very least thing they can do it’s keep making their games on the Switch, end of story!

        1. “After all Nintendo has done for them” holy shit can people stop acting like platinum owes Nintendo some insane life debt. It was three games! One that sold horribly one that sega and Nintendo made ALL the profits of, and the 3rd was starfox zero which because Nintendo forced them to do touchscreens nonsense, was a bad game. It was a business deal not some altruistic olive branch.

          1. Don’t forget Astral Chain. It’s really more like 4 games with a 5th on the way. I know business is business, but business is about relationships. If I were a party in the same situation, I would see continued mutual support as the “right” and “smart” business practice for the near future.

          2. And if the better business opportunities are elsewhere they that’s the “smart ” and “right” thing to do. You people only feels this way because your blind fanboyism. It got nothing to do with business and you know it.

          3. “one that sega and Nintendo made ALL the profits of”

            Well….. yeah. Platinum wasn’t a publisher and expressed no desire or ability to be one. They were a developer and were paid accordingly.

            You’re dead right about everything else. It just strikes me as odd to count Nintendo being a publisher against them when that’s exactly what Platinum wanted, a publisher.

        2. It will sell the most on the Switch. That is all platinum need to know. Their games have gamers and Nintendo players written all over them. All platforms vision is welcome to me.


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