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Shigeru Miyamoto expresses his love of Pokemon GO


More details from the Famitsu interview with Shigeru Miyamoto have been published online. This time the legendary video game developer explains that he rarely enjoys video games made by other people, but the hit mobile game Pokemon GO has proved to be an exception. Read Mr. Miyamoto’s translated thoughts below.

“Looking back at Pokémon GO, Miyamoto wonders why he has been enjoying it much with people around him like his family and the middle-aged people nearby his house. It’s been a long while since he last enjoyed a game made by somebody else. When enjoying something made by other people, one can learn the process of how customers can understand things, which in turn should impact a developer’s approach to convey the fun factors of their games to customers.”

“But Pokémon GO’s success doesn’t make Miyamoto jealous of it. In fact, he doesn’t want to be revered too much because he wants to be treated as a normal person in his household and neighbourhood. He wants people to focus on the games that he had made rather than himself. But Miyamoto is really enjoying his job because at his current age, he now thinks “If I’m not having fun, I’d be at a loss”. Anyone would be angry if a game they created gets criticised harshly by someone, but Miyamoto is making it more enjoyable by turning that criticism into energy for him to think how to overcome those critics.”



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